LBTO Picture Of The Day - December 2015 Archive

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20151231 - From: John Little

Leroy working on PM\x92s.

20151230 - From: John Little

Rick and Jared preparing to teach the crane operation and rigging class.

20151227 - From: Michael Wagner

Doug Roden (MGIO) in the road grader making sure we have a way out if needed.

This is the third approach to that drift\x85

Many thanks to Doug and Brian for being our road crew during this holiday season!

20151226 - From: Michael Wagner

The access road on the way up this morning. Without the MGIO road crew coming in from their Christmas holiday to plow the road, there would have been some forlorn souls at the summit today!

20151222 - From: Steve Allanson

Sunrise on the first day of winter from Mt. Graham this morning.

20151220 - From: Michael Wagner

LeRoy and Jenny repairing the DIMM focuser\x85

20151219 - From: Michael Wagner

Jenny- trying to figure out what is wrong with the Luci slit mask loading mechanism, ahead of the upcoming mask exchange\x85