LBTO Picture Of The Day - April 2016 Archive

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20160429 - From: Michael Wagner

Preparing to remove the PEPSI Red CCD controller...

20160428 - From: Michael Wagner

April showers on Mt. Graham...

20160427 - From: Michael Wagner

Summit lunch with our Director\x85

20160426 - From: John Little

Terry and Brian getting ready to lockout air handlers.

20160424 - From: Alessandro Cavallaro

More than a picture is a video.

Jenny and I swapped the swing arms to put LBCs in the beam, so I could experience the dewar fills at that hight. At the end we swapped the swing arms back. In the meanwhile the camera was taking pictures that I mounted in a time lapse.

(Steve A. uploaded this to youtube for video-hosting convenience)

20160420 - From: Alessandro Cavallaro

Michael and Armando in the van after we managed to put the spear AGW inside.

20160413 - From: Leroy Durham

Michael Wagner contemplating his next move

20160412 - From: Michael Wagner

Bruce giving Brian a tour of one of the PLC cabinets on level 4...

20160412 - From: Leroy Durham