IDL Collimation Procedure for LUCI1/AGW3


# First, setup a terminal to run Doug's IDL collimation routine:

$ ssh -X lbto@obsX                    # any machine other than obs1
$ cd /home/lbto/data/2018MMDD/lfbg    # use current date for folder name (or mkdir)
$ idl                                 # takes a few seconds to load
IDL> iif_register, LFBG

# When an ACTIVE preset completes, immediately click 'Stop WFSing' on GCSGUI to prevent bogus corrections from being applied.

# Use this command to collimate:

IDL> collimate_once, exp=30., /SEND_ZERN, /SHOW_CENTER

# After 30sec, check if the computed corrections look ok:


# Also check if it found the spots ok (white crosses on spots), and the central obscuration is on [7,7]:


# click Yes to send the results to PSF, otherwise click No:


# The WFS RMS is then displayed in the terminal (see img#1 above). Monitor for IQ as usual.

# The LUCI telsvc defaults to 'Wait for Collimation' on a new preset. Since LUCI doesn't know about this IDL script, you will either need to manually 'Abort Wait for Coll.' when the WFS RMS is low enough, or you can click the 'skip' radio button to bypass this IQ check and let the script proceed:


# Manually re-exectute the collimate_once command at regular intervals. You may need to reduce the exposure time if the star is very bright and saturating the detector.

# Be aware of LUCI exposure time countdown so that your WFS exposure doesn't overlap an offset:


# Keep an eye on Z9/10/11/22 (trefoil/spherical) in the PSF primary mirror subGUI. These are the corrections that may runaway on you. Base your decision on the LUCI IQ, and let them wander otherwise:


# If you need to prevent these corrections from being applied, open up the 'Display Gains' subGUI fron the PSF primary mirror subGUI. At the bottom select 'Instrument Offset Gains' (NOT Active Optics Gains), and change the gain of the misbehaving mode to zero. Click 'Update' to apply:


# I think that should get you through the LUCI observations ok. It requires a lot of babysitting and focus, but works well. Give Doug (or me or John) a call if you run into issues or questions.

-- %USERSIG{SteveAllanson - 2018-06-26}%


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