FPIA Log Monitor

Current version - v2.14

This tool displays both LBC Blue and Red FPIA logs in real time with additional information color-coded, which aims to recreate and illustrate some of the relevant output printed only to the IDL terminal in which dofpia is run. Its purpose is to aid the remote monitoring of the FPIA progress.

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How to interpret the color-coding:
  • Left-column: overall state of convergence for that side (pass/fail). FPIA will stop once both sides have converged in the same sequence.
    • Red = not converged (at least 1 correction is above the limit)
    • Green = converged (all corrections are/were simultaneously below limits)
    • Black dashes = dofpia spherical injection & exit corrections; backout adjustments
  • Aberration correction terms:
    • Red = greater than convergence limit / not-converged
    • Green = less than convergence limit / converged
    • Green w/yellow highlight = considered converged, but is now greater than limit
    • Black = dofpia spherical injection & exit corrections; backout adjustments
    • Black dashes
      • only Z11/22 = est.seeing >1.7", Z11/22 are not computed
      • Z5/6/7/8/11/22 = |Z4| correction > 6000, only fixing focus on this iteration
  • Estimated seeing:
    • Orange = est.seeing > 0.8"; Convergence limits are scaled up by *(est.seeing/0.8")
    • Blue = est.seeing <= 0.8"; Convergence limits are unscaled
    • Red = est.seeing > 1.7"; Convergence limits are scaled up by *(est.seeing/0.8"), Z11/22 are not computed
      • If 9.99, this means fpia returned '****' indicating no actual seeing calculation (and no convergence)
    • Black dashes = dofpia spherical injection & exit corrections; backout adjustments
Unscaled Convergence Limits (for reference):
  • Defocus: Z4: 250.0
  • Astigmatism: Z5: 250.0; Z6: 250.0
  • Coma: Z7: 400.0; Z8: 400.0
  • Spherical: Z11: 250.0; Z22: 50.0

  • Unfortunately obs[2-4] do not have python3 installed, so this will only work on robs (or obs1/5/6) for now.
  • The monitor will only work if FPIA is run on robs (or obs1/5/6) since the log directory is different if run on the older machines (and not visible to robs/obs1/5/6 as far as I can tell). In any case, observers should be running LBCs on robs these days.
  • You should launch the monitor on the same machine as FPIA is being run. If you do not, you will likely experience undesired behavior. The updates will be relatively slow (30+sec late), and the last iteration before a sequence backout (convergence) may be missing. I'm working on fixing the latter problem/bug, but the former is out of my control due to the lag on network drive updates.
  • You'll need to restart the GUI after a UT date change, so that it's monitoring the current files
How to run:
  • The script should be in the path. Type 'lbc_fpia_monitor' on a robs terminal to launch.

-- SteveAllanson - 23 Nov 2020
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