HBS Pump#4 Inverter Alarms:

DO NOT power cycle the HBS cabinet. Instead, continue to clear alarm and restart HBS until it successfully starts. Dan R and Bruce need the error to remain resident in PLC memory to successfully troubelshoot. Power cycling clears it. (IT 3437)

SX M3:
Engineering has issued these SXM3 guidelines effective immediately as it relates to the recent selector problems and M3 safety. (IT 6842)
  • It is permitted to change selector positions, but be advised that the selector could get stuck and immediately render the M3 unusable for the remainder of the evening.
  • Our guesstimate is that M3 will work 60% of the time.
  • We don't see M3 damage or safety risk if it gets stuck.
  • The appropriate course of action in this fault state is to retract the M3 swingarm if MODS or LBC can be used. Otherwise, the M3 can stay in the beam.
  • If there's a problem, MikeG (remote from Tucson) will attempt an M3 recovery next day.

Must be SAFE prior to going to horizon every morning.

SX AdSec:

Ensure SX AdSec is in beam, and SX LBC out of the beam at end of night. Day testing allowed AT ZENITH with SX LBC in, and SX AdSec out. Management approval needed for SX LBC in beam and OFF ZENITH during the day. SX AdSecis to be out of the beam when observing with SX LBC. SX AdSec requires monitoring by AO group anytime it is retracted off zenith. Additional risk from blown debris exists if both the SX LBC and AdSec are deployed together.


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