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GroupViewTemplate %IF{ "'.GroupViewTemplate' allows 'change' AND 'GroupViewTemplate' = 'BaseGroup' AND 'GroupViewTemplate' = 'NobodyGroup' AND {AdminUser...
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Great info from Kellee Summers *
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TWiki Administrator Group This is a super user group that has access to all content, regardless of access control. This group has also access to the configure scr...
Use this group for access control of webs and topics. * Member list: * Set GROUP = * Purpose of this group: * Set DESCRIPTION = * Persons/...
TWiki Groups Use these groups to define fine grained access control in Foswiki: New Group: ^ A group topic name must be a WikiWord and must end in ...Gro...
The TWikiGuest User A guest of this TWiki site, or a user who is not logged in. if you already have an account ' }% Register create an account to partici...
User List sorted by date joined / updated %SEARCH{ "'*UserForm'" type="query" header=" Date joined Last updated FirstName...
User List sorted by location %SEARCH{ "'*UserForm'" type="query" header=" Country State FirstName LastName Organizat...
Related topics: %SEARCH{ "name='WikiUsers' OR name='WikiGroups' OR name='UserList' OR name~'UserListBy*'" type="query" ...
Header of User Profile Pages Note: This is a maintenance topic, used by the TWiki Administrator. The part between the horizontal rules gets included at the top of...
Top Menu of Main Web This topic defines the menu structure of the Main web, used by the TopMenuSkin. * "}% * * * * * ...
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Foswiki Upgrade Guide This guide covers upgrading from a previous version of Foswiki to Foswiki 2.x. This upgrade procedure is used to upgrade a to a new major v...
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