-- SteveErtel - 27 Oct 2020

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Oct. 2020:

Could not ping lbti-nomic, likely related to a couple of power losses. Had to do a full power cycle as described here: https://wiki.lbto.org/LBTI/NOMICDetectorRecovery

Both lbti-data and lbti-nomic could not connect to the mountain Nimble for ~two months. The Nimble service interface page indicated no problems with the Nimble hardware. A yellow light was flashing on the Nimble. We lost power a few times in the past days and I had to restart NOMIC as described in the previous note. After that, miraculously, lbti-nomic was found to be connected to the Nimble again (noticed a day after the reboot). Had to reboot lbti-data, but after that it connected to the Nimble as well. Not sure what exactly fixed the Nimble connection ...
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