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-- EmilyMailhot - 22 Oct 2019

This page will eventually have images of each GUI page, ideally with different setting confgurations (start up, operation, issue etc).

LBTI Nighttime Ops

Watching for OCAM Illumination Errors, Poor correction. Safe Skipping, Loop staying closed.

Saving New Sweet Spot

type -s (mode, ales,etc) in wfs terminal, can then check active by typing -l for a list and the one with a * next to it is the active mode.

For New Preset via AO GUI

  1. Stop AO
  2. Recenter on new target
  3. Focus, fix aberrations
  4. Acquire Ref
  5. Center Pupils
  6. Close Loop
  7. Done
  8. Start AO
  9. Optimize

For New Preset via WFS GUI

  1. Open Loop
  2. Recenter on new target
  3. Focus and fix aberrations
  4. Set Zero Gain
  5. Set 10 modes
  6. Watch the position difference for both X and Y go below 0.1
  7. Start adding TT then HO1 then HO2
  8. Optimize Gain
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