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* Raw data (FITS files) - AO diagnostics/telemetry Separate by access: - PI data (access per PI) vs. - Calibration data (access some other way -- possibly open, possibly just to all PIs) Note: Each of the PI data and the Calibration data have relevant logs (Google spreadsheet) that needs to be shared with the relevant PI for the PI data, and cobbled into a new spreadsheet for the Calibration data. * Logs - Manual observers'/operators' logs (Google spreadsheet) - Automated logging (piles of text files on aosup, especially when there are errors) * Data products - Reduced calibration data for users (bad pixel map, linearity files, etc.) - AO performance * Manuals - User manual -- for the visiting astronomer. - Instrument/telescope manual -- specific instructions for the telescope-operated side of things, for example how to pump-down Clio, or how to tell that the ASM is off and it is safe to tip the telescope during the daytime. - Engineering/operator manual -- for the AO operator and instrument scientist. - Trouble-shooting guides -- things that go wrong, their symptoms and error messages, and what sometimes works to fix them. * Documentation - Instrument documentation -- stuff from back when we built the instrument, that is still important to save, and to look up from time to time. - Incident reports -- usually these are just long email chains, and sometimes presentations/reports -- but should ideally be archived somewhere.

And what kinds of systems we've been using so far: Raw FITS files: * Stored on data-taking computer (e.g. clio.lco.cl) AND * Backed up to storage (zero.as.arizona.edu) AND * PI observer takes it home with them AND * Some of it also backed up to Cyverse/iPlant.

Logs: * Google spreadsheet * I've saved some of these as Excel to my laptop (which is backed up Backblaze)

Manuals: * Wiki on zero.as.arizona.edu * Some stuff on MagAO blog, used to be at visao.as.arizona.edu, moved to xwcl.science * I also started saving some stuff on Github pages in a stalled attempt at moving the wiki a couple years ago. * Some incident reports are just long email chains, but I think these can also be useful if saved, and the lessons-learned incorporated into the trouble-shooting pages.

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