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Tips for Wiki Editors

This wiki is run on a software called Foswiki, which can occasionally be a bit arcane. Here are a few handy tips and tricks and things to try...additions welcome, of course!

Editing a page

  • I (amali) find the wikitext editor a bit easier to use than the wysiwyg version, especially in cases where you want fine control of formatting.
    • By default, when you click "Edit" on a page, it will take you to the wysiwyg editor.
    • If you want to use the wikitext editor, click on the "wiki text" icon at the rightmost end of the editor toolbar.
    • Once in the wikitext editor, you can click the "Help" tab at the top of the window for a list of formatting commands. Or see below for a few of my favorites.

Useful formatting commands


Start a line with three dashes, and then some number of + signs. One + is top level header, two are second level, etc. I don't know how far down it goes...
---+++Here's an example

Tables of Contents

With the editor in wikitext mode, at the point where you want the TOC to appear, write

Tables, Not of Contents

I am a table
hear me roar  
  multicol span

| *I* | *am* | *a* | *table*|
| hear | me | roar| |
| ||multicol span|

Code and Verbatim

To write inline monospace font that looks like code , surround the text with equal = signs:
 =inline monospace font that looks like code= 

To make boxes like I've been using where nothing is evaluated as formatting, prepend a block of text with < verbatim > and end it with </ verbatim > but remove the spaces in those commands.

Text formatting



Inserting images

To add images to a page, first "Attach" your image from the page itself, and make sure that the "Create a link to the attached file" checkbox is SELECTED. Then click "upload file", which will return you to the original page, now with [image of ur face!] attached and displayed.

Then you can go and edit the page to add whatever text you wish.

Feel free to add to this page.

-- AmaliVaz - 12 Jun 2019
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