LBC WRS Tech chip image analysis

In February-2018, Marco sent a version of WRS for analyzing tech chip images. Analysis of tec chip images is now all done on the CMU. This page covers installation and testing of the tech chip WRS code.


The tech chip WRS code is under lbccontrol:/lbt/lbc_runtime/ in a directory called WRS_TEC. To test it:
 lbccontrol@lbccontrol% cp -r dofpia dofpia_current
 lbccontrol@lbccontrol%  cp -r WRS_TEC dofpia

The WRS_TECH code was originally built for testing/running on the same computers where we run the on-axis focus/collimation (dohybrid and dofpia), however the tech chip images are no longer automatically copied to /newdata or /Repository/UTdate/tec/ and the tech chip analysis was actually never done on the obs computers - it was originally done on the tech chip PC and later moved over to the CMU. Kellee wrote that the current tech chip image analysis code is in /lbt/lbc_runtime/dofpia.

Kellee had made some changes that were needed to run the image analysis code on the CMU: these deal mostly with the logging, pathname to the images, output filename, but there are also some things like a /nodisplay keyword added to the call to lbcfpia (or now lbcfpia_wrs). The changes to the logging are consequences of the changes to the CMU versions of the logging scripts, e.g.,,,

Of the files which Marco sent, the only two which needed edits, I think, were and I made copies of the originals that Marco sent ( and and edited the working versions.

I copied it all to /lbt/lbc_runtime/WRS_TECH/. So with a little more gymnastics (*), and with some luck, we could run the WRS tech chip focussing on the CMU.

But we could also test it on the obs machines, if the tech chip images were copied there.

* On 31-Mar-2018 UT, in preparation for testing, I did following:
 cp -r dofpia dofpia_current (or dofpia_20180221)
 ln -s dofpia WRS_TECH 



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