Some notes about the technical preparation for AGW servicing at mountain lab Room 116 or in mountain cleanroom:

Remember to make sure networking is also ready.

The AGW unit uses a power cord that has a special square connector for the AC input. (in the cabinet on 3L)

If servicing in 116, the glycol came from the hallway, and a supplementary pump was needed (?) (not sure why), Use cooling from cleanroom instead of hallway if possible.

and air needs a regulator to drop pressure down to something that the AGW needs. air takes 3mm black tubing.

Since the alignment beam of light is very dim, The room needs to be able to be darkened, and it will take time for your eyes to be dark adjusted. The AGW calibration unit needs a black cloth to cover the stray light. You will need a flashlight with tape over it and a pinhole in it to view things that need alignment, otherwise you will blow your dark adjustment.

The misaligned light beam falls on a part that is black anodized aluminum, and is very hard to see in the dark. Cut out a small disc of paper from the sticky part of a post it note and make a small hole in middle to put on shield to make it easier to locate the beam.

-- TimShih - 08 Aug 2011
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