Modified slightly from a procedure Walter sent 01 Oct 2012.

FM1 primarily moves the pupil and FM4 primarily moves the image but they are coupled
and will affect each other. Thus, the alignment procedure is done iteratively.

### Before you begin:

1. Set ROTATOR to 341.0 degrees, EL to 90. FlexComp remains OFF.
Closed dome: highbay floods off, other lights on

2. Open the Engineering GUI MCU LUCIFER Client

3. Relevant motors are 2.1 to 2.4 (FM1 X,Y and FM4 X,Y).
- Select the appropriate motors via the labeled tabs
- Press the update button
- To reset the counter, enter new position "0" and click "set".

4. Motor Step Calibration Information: | QRecalib (DT, Mar2013)
- FM1 to move pupil |
- Motor_1: +1000 steps move pupil in y by +8pixels | Use: +136steps / +1px
- Motor_2: +1000 steps move pupil in x by -10pixels | Use: -117steps / +1px
| - FM4 to move image
| - Motor_1: 1000 steps move image in y by 10pixels | Use: +120steps / +1px
- Motor_2: 1000 steps move image in x by 10pixels | Use: +111steps / +1px

5. Please write down the steps you moved for each motor in order to be able to recover
in case something goes wrong. Be sure to always switch to the correct motor.

### The alignment procedure is:

1. Check both the pupil and image alignments prior to making adjustments.
If any adjustments are needed:

2. Switch to N3.75 imaging and center N3.75 FoV on detector using FM4.

3. Switch to the pupil viewer and center the pupil in the cold stop using FM1.
!!! Before using FM1 to align, move both motors by a -1000,+2000,-1000steps sequence
FM1 was not made to be run frequently, so this procedure "warms up" the motor
prior to making adjustments with FM1.

4. Iterate on steps 2 and 3 until both pupil and image look aligned.
- Residual deviation should be less than 5pix for the pupil.

Pupil adjustment: Imaging in J allows you to see the small plug at the center of M2.
That is our reference for the M2 position (see Jpupil.jpg). On a ds9 window, draw
a circle around that plug with radius of 35 pixels and then double-click to find its
center. Change the radius to 560 pixels and align to the cold stop and find its
center. Calculate the offsets needed to move the plug within the cold stop. The dX
and dY offsets are multiplied by the motor scales above, and implemented as
described in step 3.

Field stop adjustment: Image the OpticSieve mask with the N3.75 camera in K (J may
also work). Find the XY coordinates of two diametrically opposed points and average
the X and Y coordinates, this is the mask center. The offset from 1024,1024 is how
much you need to move FM4 to center the mask, and equivalently the field stop, on the detector.

-- JochenHeidt - 09 Nov 2013
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