Projects to complete before Pre-Com-2
Last updated 01aug2022
  1. Lock-Out
    • Description: Provide a lock-out mechanism to disable motors that operate external stages (e.g., the deployable arm).
    • People: Bruce, Raymond, David
    • Status: Drawings produced by Juan Pablo are here. As per 29jul2022 email from Bruce, all parts have been ordered and he will work with Raymond to complete the project.
  2. Soft Cover
    • Description: Modify the cover that protects the WFS board to a soft cover to avoid a mechanical interference with SHARK-NIR.
    • People: Alessandro (lead), Grant, Manny, Steve
    • Status: Grant has provided Alessandro with the dimensions. 21sep2022: New plan is no cover change in advance, "present during installation and if there's any problem we will react and slightly modify the current cover." 12oct2022: Alessandro provided report with status and plans. 13oct2022: Feedback from Enrico. 18-Nov-2022: Post arm modification update. Plan as of 01jan2023.
  3. Air Lines
    • Description: Control the flow of compressed air via a remotely operated valve and provide a flow meter.
    • People: James, Luca
    • Status: 07sep2022 updated schematic from Luca, plus this email. 15sep2022: JR email and pic. 16sep2022: Both LBT (James) and SN (Luca) have purchased a regulator. JR 19oct2020 update.
  4. Glycol
    • Description: Provide sufficient cooling to operate CRED2.
    • People: MSW, Luca
    • Status: The required flow rate is: > 0.5 L/min. Details appear in SHARK-INAFP-REQ-001. 07sep2022 updated glycol schematic.
  5. LN2
    • Description: Provide the mechanism for LN2 filling. This includes providing a method to allow for rotation and for splitting the lines. Details are given in this email thread. 20sep2022: Pictures of Elliott's sub-assemblies sent out for review. 22sep2022: confirmed OK by Luca.
    • People: Elliot, Luca
    • Status: In work between Luca and Elliot.
  6. TCS Simulator
    • Description: Sync up the simulator with the latest changes in the real DCS (e.g., provide SHARK-NIR identifier for authorizing).
    • People: Glenn, Matthieu, Davide R, Yang
    • Status: Complete. ( 22sep2022: Outstanding issue with deploying ARGOS swing arm.
  7. Science Camera Cool Down
    • Description: Cool Science Camera a few days prior to the visit in October in its 116 location. This task includes preparing room 116 for SHARK-NIR rotator tasks.
    • People: MSW, James, Luca
    • Status: In work.
  8. Lifting Fixture Interference
    • Remove two retroreflectors and a pulley from the ring. See picture
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