Modification of initial plan necessary due to repair MOS + AGw#2 breakage
  • Installation LUCI2@telescope on 23. 10.
  • Daytime-com will start on 24. 10., full day (until handover for the night)
  • Oct 25 - 27: tests of flex-scripts by Kai/Alexander Local contact: Elliott
  • Oct 28 - Nov 5: Closed dome-tests during bad weather and/or detector-tests with blind mask during science
  • Highest priority for flex-tests N3.75/ima + N1.8/G210, carried out by DThompson, at least 2*2hrs required
  • All other acticvities coordinated between DThompson (local contact), WSeifert & JHeidt
  • Computer movement on Nov 05 by Kai, Alex & LBTO SW (Joe, Tom)
  • If required, Nov 8 daytime can be used (WSeifert/JHeidt @ LBT or remote from Tucson)
  • A few hours per day scheduled for closed-dome activities during Nov 10 - 14 on-sky com (OKuhn may take the data)
  • Requirement for most tasks: lights in dome off, TO available

Detailed outline of closed-dome activities:

  • Oct 24 by Peter, Walter, Jochen, time available ~9-10hrs
    • a) MOS-tests (2hrs, tel@z, PA=210)
    • b) Basic-tests/repro (2hrs, tel@z, PA=210), detector focus, grating-tilt, CW/FW/grating-pos repro
    • c) Repro (1.5hrs, tel@z, PA=300), MOS-tests, CW/FW/grating-pos repro
    • d) Repro (1.5hrs, tel@z, PA=120), MOS-tests, CW/FW/grating-pos repro
    • e) Repro (1.5hrs, tel@z, PA=30), MOS-tests, CW/FW/grating-pos repro
    • f) Tests of new calib unit service (Alexander/Kai)

  • Oct 25 - 27
    • a) Tests script to take flexure data (few times 30mins) by Kai/Alexander

  • Oct 28 - Nov 5 (a and b MUST be done until Nov 5):
    • a) Flex-data (N3.75/ima, N1.80/210) by DThompson
    • b) Confirmation flex-data (N3.75/ima, N1.80/210) by DThompson
    • c) Detector focus BB-filters
    • d) Pupil imaging & alignment
    • e) Remaining flex-data/confirmation flex-data N1.80/N3.75 // ima/210/200/150
    • f) Detector tests (RON, DC, background) can be done during science-obs
    • g) Detector tests (FW, linearity, persistence)
    • h) Mask repro tests (fpu-turnout/fpu-cabinet)
    • i) Rough grating calib

  • Nov 8:
    • j) what have not been done of the above f-l

  • Nov 10 - 14:
    • Follow commissioning plan, tests new service for flexure compensation

  • Nov 15:
    • Cold transfer tests

-- JochenHeidt - 23 Oct 2013
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