Other Tidbits

This page outlines other useful pieces of information related to observing with PEPSI

Amplifier Glow And Detector Features

Red CCD: There is a blob on the centeral righthand corner that grows with time. This does impact several wavelengths. I calibrates outs.
Master Dark is taken Once a year. 100 exposures of 1 hour each. Average readnoise is averaged 10 times. The blob grows linearly. Scale with master dark although still some residuals (devolving?)

BlueCCD: the 2 halves of the CCD have different bias levels of ~1200 counts

Chamber Pressure

The chamber pressue is kept under pressure. It can only sustain within 25mbar of atm, but is typically kept about 10-15mbar below atm. In the event of a storm this may have to be adjusted. Radial Velocities are very sensitive to pressure variations. Calibrate! Calibrate! Calibrate! If for some reason the Pressure needs to be adjusted new calibrations will need ot be taken.

-- JenniferPower - 23 Sep 2021
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