UT 20131111 LUCI2 Nighttime Commissioning

Observer: WSeifert, JHeidt, PBuschkamp, APramskiy, KPolsterer, MEdwards, DThompson
Telescope Operator: DGHuerta
LBTO Support: TSargent, DMiller

Plan for the night

  • Twilight flats for practicing (cirrus outside)
  • Check update of SW (WCS)
  • Guide probe transformation (if seeing is good by DThompson, DMiller
  • PR-type object, test for large offsets
  • Guide probe transformation verification (if seeing is good) by DThompson, DMiller)
  • Telescope focus, TT (if seeing is good and conditions are stable, need DMiller)
  • Twilight flats in the morning
  • Check brightness of lamps in CalUnit


Did a good set of AGw transformation in Stone E.

Determined telescope focus

WCS coordinates are now in fits header

Observed Comet Lovejoy in JHK with non-siderial tracking

Lamps in CalUnit have same intensities as measured in Heidelberg

Lost first half of the night due to clouds


Some daytime activities by Peter, Walter & Kai, see day-time log
DThompson is working on orientation on sky
APramskiy will implement new SW with propper WCS-coords in fits header
Dkuegler implemented some changes in the scripting tool (recording of
offsets for multiple scripts, auto selection of GS disabled)


23:00 Telescope handover

00:31 Sunset, Weather: several clouds and plenty of cirrus around
should clear up later on, Hum=50%, Temp=4deg, low wind

Files are luci2.20131110.iiii

00:33 New SW-version deployed, fits header should now have correct WCS-coords

00:40 David sent preset, took image, ALADIN allows now to zoom in/out etc. but no WCS yet

00:52 David presets to a pointing star, pointing was off, but now OK

01:32 Preset to pointing star WT10_287, check for a program by Michelle for script-batching
OK, works

01:40 Lots of thick clouds around, not much too be done

01:50 New SW installed, WCS-coords now displayed properly in ALADIN

02:10 Test with CalibUnit for brightness of lamps with N3.75 camera
illumination by lamps 2 and 3 on the detector differs

Numbers in acceptance test report can be used as reference

03:37 Taking flexure data g210@zenith to verify flexure compensation,
Alexander has modified script to allow for grating tilt stabilization (flexure_minus1_with_delay), files #17-53
useless, flexure compensation was off

03:57 Problems with RCC (apparently overheating), exchanges fans with the ones from LUCI1,
but didn't help. Contacted MLehmitz, fixed.

07:19 Reopen dome, sky becomes clearer and clearer,

07:55 Took images in track-mode at PA=0,45 to derive orientation on sky,
Dave seems to have finally a solution, change
of right ZP from 177.6 to 178.555, confirmation images #56+58

08:19 Confirmation on BS9107, #59+60


08:25 DThompson+DMiller preparing AGw-transform measurements

09:00 Completely clear now

09:08 Trying to find the best filter combination to not saturate the star and
to see the pointing mask spots. Inbetween the instrument manager GUI
gives an error. Ended ab with BR_gam+Ks. Did a good set of AGw transform data on 41 stars in Stone E.
Files start at #85-111, 112-128 (#85 is off-source).

11:19 ROM started, does not automatically count to the last file.
in ROM "save type, frame-type>" should be set to normal/science.

Telescope focus

11:30 Preset to BS9126, issue FW2 when trying to move from Ks to K (human made error)

11:53 Telescope focus, Background ima (#131), Focus: 21.877 (#132), 23.877 (#133),
25.877 (midpoint, #134), 27.877 (#135), 29.877 (#136), 27.877 (#137), 25.877 (#138),
23.877 (#139), 21.877 (#140), 23.877 (#141), 25.877 (#142), 27.877 (#143), 29.877 (#144),
27.877 (#145), 25.877(#146), 23.877 (#147), 21.877(#148), OK, 4 sequences

Observations non-siderial tracking - Comet Lovejoy

12:55 Moving to pointing star close to Comet Lovejoy, OK

13:08 Comet Lovejoy: #149-188 (K), #189-228 (J), #229-268 (H), non-siderial tracking
Skyframes: #269-278, 299-308, 329-338 (J)
#279-288, 309-318, 339-348(H), #289-298,319-328, 349-358 (K)

13:25 Moving to zenith

13:27 K-flats, 4000-20000, #359-447

13:38 Close dome

-- JochenHeidt - 11 Nov 2013
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