Mask Inventory

The Mask Inventories are lists of all the masks cut and currently on the summit. The inventories list the Mask ID, any comments (such as if there are duplicates, issues with the coating, etc.), and their location (for example whether they are loaded in the instrument or in frames ready to be loaded). How to use and maintain the Mask Inventories is described below.

MODS Mask Inventory page

LUCI Mask Inventory page

How to maintain the Mask Inventory:

When a mask arrives on the summit:

Step1: Determine whether the mask will be placed in a frame, immediately in the instrument, or in the cabinet for later use.

Step2: When masks arrive on the summit they should be entered into the mask tables on the wiki. To do that, follow the procedure for mask tables described below. Indicate in the table the location of the mask (whether it is to be in a frame, in the instrument immediately, or leave the location blank if it is to be placed in the mask filing cabinet for later use).

Step3: An indicator for the mask to place in the mask filing cabinet should be made up. For the LUCI masks, this is a white piece of paper with the mask ID written in the upper left hand corner. For MODS masks, this is a sheet of paper towel with a post-it note indicating the mask ID in the upper left hand corner. If the mask is not going in the mask filing cabinet, this indicator is placed in a folder at the front as a place holder. If the mask is to be filed, this indicator is filed with the mask in numerical order.

Step4: The inventory is now up to date

When a mask is moved from one location to another:

Find the mask ID in the wiki table and update the "Location" section to match. For example, when a luci1 cabinet exchange takes place and is completed, the location tag can presumably be updated from "in frame" to "loaded in luci1".

List of Typical Locations:

For MODS: "in frame", "loaded in MODS1", "loaded in MODS2", and blank indicates the frame is filed in the cabinet.
For LUCI: "in frame", "loaded in LUCI1", "loaded in LUCI2", blank indicates the frame is filed in the cabinet.
**There may be reasons to add locations, these are just the standard ones, but other locations may be used.

When a mask is inspected and how to note abnormalities or problems with the masks:

When a mask arrives on the mountain or is inserted in the instrument, it is normally inspected. Please not in the 5th column, "Date of Last Inspection", the date of the mask inspection and your initials. If a problem is noted, such as a peeling or missing coating or hole in the mask, note this in column 2, "Comments".

Editing Mask Wiki Tables

  1. Login to Twiki and navigate to the Inventory page you want to edit:
    MODS Mask Inventory page or LUCI Mask Inventory page
  2. Click on the button in the upper right hand corner. This will take you to an editable version of the page. There will be some edit help listed.
  3. Scroll through the list of numerically ordered mask IDs to find the place where the desired mask ID should be placed or where the mask ID you desire to edit is. You can also use the find button to locate a particular mask ID.
  4. To edit an entry, just click and type in the desired area. To add a row below, click the button. To undo something click the button. If you have a large number of entries, you can click to ensure your work is saved as you go.
  5. Once satisfied with entries and confident that everything is correct, click .

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