MODS Calibration Lamp Exchange Procedure


This wiki page describes the procedure for replacing bad calibration lamps in MODS.

Each MODS mounts 8 calibration lamps in an integrating sphere located just inside the instrument ingress hatch. The lamps are:
  • Two (2) Quartz-Tungsten Halogen continuum lamps (USHIO 6V/10W, Newport #6318)
  • One (1) Incandescent "VFLAT" lamp (Model...)
  • Five (5) Pen-Ray wavelength comparison lamps (Hg/Ar, Ar, Ne, Kr, and Xe)

The lamp exchange process can be done on-telescope with the telescope locked at horizon-pointing position, following proper MODS on-telescope ingress procedures.

Because MODS calibrations are very stable over many months, loss of a single calibration lamp during a night should not be considered a "critical" fault preventing the observer from continuing work, and the lamp exchange can be performed during the daytime.

Whenever a calibration lamp is changed, please update the MODS Lamp Change Log, and update the IssueTrak report that required the change.

Also, continuum lamps should be changed every 1 or 2 years during summer shutdown as a regular preventative maintenance issue. Pen-Ray lamps have an expected 10-year service life, and should only be changed when they fail. If a Pen-Ray lamp is replaced, you need to file an IssueTrak report noting which lamp was replaced and the next-action is to purchase and stock its replacement.

Lamp Exchange Procedure

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