LBC R & B in the event of a Power Outage

Safing LBC R & B

If it is possible that LBC is powered up, power off via the web interface.
  1. Open a web browser and go to http://lbccontrol/ui/main.html
  2. Select the "Power Control" tab.
  3. If the Camera & Shutter, Filters, Rotator, and Trackers, AO, & Focus all appear "enabled" that means they are powered off. If they appear "ready" select "Turn Off".
  4. Turn off House Keeping by selecting the Turn Off House Keeping button and wait for both Red and Blue to appear "enabled".
Once the power page is showing all enabled, it is same to shutdown the CMU

Shutdown CMU

  1. Open a terminal and ssh into lbcontrol as lbccontrol.
    ssh lbccontrol@lbccontrol
  2. Then type
LBC is now braced for the outage.

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