LBC Lab Setup Instructions (Obsolete)

Initial setup

  • It is assumed that the camera to be tested is ready (pumped and cold).
  • Set up LBC Lab Power Supply and LBC Lab computer (labeled "LBC LAB WINDOWS TEST PC"). Reference picture: lab setup.
  • Turn on PC and log in as "admin" (password is written on a sheet attached to the PC).
  • Connect fibers and power cable to controller to be tested (same for Sci or Tech). Reference pictures: fibers and power cable.
  • Turn on power at Lab Power Supply.
  • Open controller interface software. See: LBC CCD Controller Standalone Test Program
  • If testing a Science camera warm, disable CCD temp check by selecting: \x939. Temperature check\x94. Otherwise the initialization will fail. Not needed for the Tech cameras.
  • For stable measurements, the controller electronics should be at its normal operating temperature (~40C for Red Sci, ~60C for all others). Select "6. Continuous readout" to warm up the electronics. Check the temperature as it is shown in the output messages on the screen.

Taking images

  • Select "4. Expose, readout and save image".
  • Enter the exposure time in seconds. For Bias images, type "0".
  • The image(s) will be saved in the directory selected previously (default is "D:\imgs\").

Noise and Bias Levels Test

  • Open IDL and run "atv". This will open the atv FITS viewer (ds9 does not have a statistical analysis tool).
  • Open the image by selecting "File > ReadFits"
  • Adjust Min and Max values as desired for better visualization.
  • Mouse right-click on the image region to be analyzed. A window will open with statistical info. See: atv stats
  • Bias levels and readout noise (RON) should be checked in the overscan area.
  • For the Science cameras, check with Housekeeping on and off.

Adjusting the Bias Levels

  • Open the corresponding Offsets config file: C:\lbc\hwmodel_C\[btech/bsci/rtech/rsci]\normal\CDS_A600_Offset.ini
  • Example: Offsets config file
  • The parameters to be modified are "Board 1 Offset O [n]". n=1,2 for Tech; n=1,2,3,4 for Sci.
  • Change offset values (in Volts) as desired. Higher value corresponds to less counts in the image. Rule of thumb for scaling is 10 ADUs ~= 0.7 mV
  • Save the file.
  • To reload new offset values and take new image: \x932. Select mode\x94 > \x933. Normal\x94 > \x934. Expose, ...\x94
  • When finished, make sure to report the new values to the Software person in charge of LBC configuration.
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