Inspection of LUCI Masks

Inspection of Newly Cut Masks

Newly cut masks should be inspected prior to installation in the instrument on the light table with the microscope or any cast off, fibers, or other obscurations. Masks must meet the criteria as described in the Mask Fabrication Document and the Mask Program SPIE 2014 paper, laid out in the following table:

Slit Tolerances LUCI
Width 0.15-0.6mm
Length <10mm (typ)
Orientation \xB130\xB0
Shape Arbitrary polygon or circle
Width Tolerance \xB115um
Position Tolerance \xB115um
Edge Roughness \xB11.5um RMS over 150um
Inspect each slit of a newly cut mask for cast off, fibers, or other obscurations. If possible, remove the obscuration with dry air, a small tool, pin, or tweezers. Castoff typically comes off with very little effort. If it is not possible to "clean up the slits" or remove the obscuration, the mask may need to be re-cut. Notify SciOps immediately so they can get the ball rolling on getting a new mask re-cut.

Cast off in a slit of a mask as viewed through a microscope on a light table.Light table and microscope used for inspection of freshly cut of masks.
Image 1: Left - Cast off in a mask slit as seen through a microscope on a light table. Right - Microscope and light table in 116 used for inspecting masks.

Once all slits in all masks have been inspected they are ready to be inserted into the instrument. Install the masks into the AUX preparing for a cabinet exchange following the procedure outlined in the Loading MOS Cabinet and Installing in Auxiliary Cryostat: 604s112.

The full LUCI mask inspection procedure is outlined in CAN Document 010s010: Procedure for inspection of Newly Cut LUCI Masks

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