Executing MODS Scripts

The MODS Observing Scripts Manual describes how to create and run MODS scripts. This page highlights useful tips and reminders.

Repeating a script

MODS Scripts are re-entrant, so with the flag, -e (or -exec), the script will start from the Exec: block. To rerun a script after changing a parameter in the Exec block only, e.g. exposure time, it is more efficient to run it from the Exec: block:
execMODS -e script.obs
This would skip the instconfig command (and implicit imcslock which resets the collimator TTF and is unnecessary for sequential observations of the same target). Once the shutter is open, the IMCS loop should be closed in a few seconds. Skipping the instconfig command is recommended for twilight sky flats.

-- OlgaKuhn - 24 Nov 2011
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