UT 20171209 LUCI2 AO Nighttime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: JHeidt (LSW), APramskiy (LSW), DThompson (LBTO), BRothberg (LBTO), OKuhn (LBTO)
Observer AO-Team: DMiller
Telescope Operator: DGHuerta

Observations done remotely from Tucson

Plan for the night

- DX AdSSec issues with actuator 455, Doug needs to check the stability of the AO-system,
depending of the outcome:

- LUCI2 AO-spec com

- or time goes back to LBTO for own stuff

- or we may do some AFC-spec tests in seeing-limited mode

- Handover to LBTO at 11.30UT for a ToO


- AO tests successfull, we can do AO-com even with NCPA on

- AFC locked on 3 more lines (two in H-band, one in K-band)

- Successfull test of AFC in seeing-limited mode with N3.75-camera, G210/K


All times are UT
Files are luci1/2.20171209.NNNN.fits

00:15 Sunset, clear skies, T = -2deg, hum = 40deg, wind close to limits (13-18m/s)

00:45 David opens up, checks pointing and collimates

01:15 Doug starts with his tests

DIMM reports 1-1.4", ie borderline, wind slows down a bit


03:45 Taking over, David is checking pointing as we do a large move

03:55 Preset to MWC 84, PA=90deg, CWL=1.7647, preset OK, Bin=2, RunAO OK,
skip frame, paused anyway, corrected, alignment, OK, target off by -3,-1 pix in x,y, pos=940,895
requested was 943,896, AFC-line is there, started, AFC: #36-39, check pos target: x=936,565 ie moved by 4 pix in x,
expected would be 941, in effect, target moved by 2pix, MER: 41-44

DIMM = 0.7-1"

05:05 Preset to MWC 84, PA=0, CWL: 1.5328, preset OK, bin = 2, RunAO, OK;
arget alignment, OK; AFC-align: no line at 30sec LIR, but clearly at 30sec MER,
AFC-locked and started, SRR: #55-58, checked, source 1-2pix off slit center,
MER: #61-65

Could successfully lock AFC on 4 H-band lines which allows in principle to cover the entire H-band
with the G040 grating

DIMM: 0.7-1.2"

06:24 Preset to MWC 84, PA=0, CWL: 2.1502, preset OK, RunAO, OK,
alignment, OK, AFC-locked after 60sec MER, lets see how that goes,
SRR: #84-85, skip frame after #85, have to preset again
RunAO OK, alignment OK, AFC-locking OK, used 30sec MER-images,
SRR: #98-101, MER: 102-105

DIMM: 0.6-1.4"

9:10 Preset to MWC 162, CWL: 2.2119, preset OK, RunAO,

shit, DIMM seeing moved 1.5 to 1.5-3" frown, sad smile and wanders between 2-3"

AO-com stopped

seeing-limited AFC-spec, N3.75, G210

9:55 Preset to NGC2273, CWL: 2.1502, 1.5_2.0" slit, 60deg ele, AFC-align, OK;
again 4 * 300sec SRR, 4 * 300sec MER, SRR: #112-115, MER: #116-119, SRR: #121-123
about 15 cts/sec/pix from OH-line

WOW, works super!!!

DIMM: 2-5.2" !!!

11:30 Handover to Barry for ToO

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