UT 20171103 LUCI1/2 AO Nighttime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: JHeidt (LSW), DThompson (LBTO)
Observer AO-Team: DMiller, GTaylor (LBTO)
Telescope Operator: SAllanson

Observations done remotely from Tucson

Plan for the night

- LUCI1/2 AFC AO-ima commissioning in binocular mode, 2nd part of night

- If seeing is bad, handover to LBTO for tests


- Collected quite some AFC-ima data at medium-high elevation

- Worked mostly well (pending analysis), need to ckeck LUCI1, FM4,M1 at low countrates
a better (in progress) stacking/clipping algorithm will hopefully help

=> AFC-ima com largely complete

Room for improvement:

- Implementation of an improved stacking/clippping algorithm (in progress)

- Implementation of an automatic pause following the obsitem in case an image has to be aborted

- Think about a more user friendly AFC-ima observation outline

- A GUI showing the image of the stacked spots for each read within SRR
and a graph showing the x,y motor steps for each LUCI would be nice and
useful to show how things are going


All times are UT
Files are luci1/2.20171103.NNNN.fits

07:00 Handover from PEPSI-team

Doug: man @ SX
Greg: man @ DX

Steve prepares everything, checks collimation and pointing

AFC-ima medium and high elevation (70-85deg)

07:20 Preset to NGC 1193, failed, pointing way off, Steve rechecks, preset again, nope, coords seem to be bad

07:45 Preset to NGC 1798, failed also, recheck pointing, preset again not possible, something hangs in LUCI,
restart SW, MOS-error on LUCI2, Dave took note of this

08:14 Finally resent preset to NGC 1798 again, OK, RunAO, Bin=3, 200Hz,

08:30 Safe skip @ DX, telescope started moving before loop was paused (known bug)

Br_gam: L1: 8-10 (SRR), 11-15 (short), L2: 7-9 (SRR), 10-14 (short), ele 72-73, OK

Fe II: L1: 18-20 (SRR), 21-25 (short), L2: 18-20 (SRR), 21-25 (short), ele 73-74, OK
FM4,M1 shows a constant correction of ~ -40 steps, images look OK though

P_beta: L1: 30-32 (SRR), 33-37, L2: 29-31 (SRR), 32-36 (short), ele 74-75, has about 0.2 cts/sec/pix
ima #32 @ LUCI1 went bananas all at the sudden after 4 samples, looks like FM4,M1 is the bad guy
need to check of whether this is due to a very hot pixel

9:54 Safe skip @ DX again, reason unknown, short images #34@L1 and #33@L2 crap

DIMM ~ 1"

10:09 Preset to NGC 2266, Steve checks pointing before, OK, RunAO, OK

Br_gam: L1: 42-44 (SRR), 45-49 (short), L2: 41-43 (SRR), 44-48 (short), ele = 78-82, worked very well

Fe II: L1: 53-55 (SRR), 56-60 (short), 52-54 (SRR), 55-59 (short), ele=83-85
#54+55@LUCI1 went bananas again (FM4,M1), LUCI2 behaves well

No DIMM as we are at too high elevation, according to guider images, seeing ~ 1"

P_beta: L1: 64-66 (SRR), 67-71 (short), L2: 63-65 (SRR), 66-70 (short), ele=83-79, OK

11:00 Seing becomes flaky, 1-1.5"

P_beta again: L1: 76-78 (SRR), 79-83 (short), L2: 74-76 (SRR), 77-81 (short), ele=79-73,

P_beta once more: L1: 87-89 (SRR), 90-94 (short), L2: 85-87 (SRR), 88-92 (short), ele=73-65

Ima #87 (LUCI1) has bad 15sec due to loop opening (IT 6898, offset warning)

11:48 End of night

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