UT 20170320 LUCI1/2 AO Nighttime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: JHeidt, DThompson (Tuson)
Observer AO: GTayler, DMiller (Tucson)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti

Plan for the night

- We have 2nd part of the night, handover is at 0.30LT

- AO-com LUCI2 with short images, we start in bino-mode and move to LUCI2 only if that fails

- Targets:

- 3C 288 - Stability of system with Bin=1, lots of small dithers

- 3C 294 - Long-term stability of system (3hrs), bin=2, even more small dithers

- NGC 6240 - Closing loop on point source with extended emission (Sy2) + large offsets (skies)

- Skype session at 2.00LT/9.00UT with Simone et al. (+ eventually Walter & Roland) to see how it goes and remote support if necessary


- One script lasting about 2hrs with Bin=1 + NCPA on + large offsets for skies in H and Ks @ DX worked well

- Bin = 2 + NCPA didn't work, Bin = 2 w/o NCPA worked for 40mins @ DX

- Severe issues @ SX, loop opened three times -> Bino-AO dropped for the reminder of the run

- The Arcetri team is investigating the SX issues during the day


All times are UT
Files are luci1/2.20170320.NNNN.fits

07:30 Handover from MPE-observer, startup system(s), Geno checks pointing

Weather: Dimm ~ 0.7-1", clear

Communication error on SX-side (was OK a few hrs ago), we will have poor image quality on that side. Will be checked during daytime.

We will nevertheless start in Bino-mode to see if it works

We should put in a pause in the script after each preset since NCPA has to be put in manually

07:50 Preset Bino_3C288_KsH.xml, Guider reports about 0.7"
RS should be in Bin=1 (R=9.5) but AO thinks it its in Bin=2 (get R=10.1), there is a (known) mismatch, the AO should be recalibrated

Preset & closing loop in Bino-mode successfull

LUCI-execution panel freezes after 1st ima, recovered & cont'd (did snapshot)

Script stopped after a few images w/o any reason (did snapshot), worked, cont'd

Images from left and right side are not aligned, off by about 10", will be checked at next preset

It looks like image quality s better on SX as on DX!

L1: 49-66
L2: 60-77

Safe skip @ SX after ima 66, shell RIP, loop opened @ SX, restart script

08:46 Preset Bino_3C288_KsH.xml, Greg made a mistake, resent preset again, skip frame @ SX again,
LUCI-GUIs freeze again, preset again, failed, Geno corrects pointing, preset once more,
skip frame 3rd time witihn 30minutes, -> no more AO@SX this night -> no more Bino-AO for this run

09:00 Some clouds passing by, Skype-session skipped as Doug is in contact with Alfio anyway

Geno deauthorizes LUCI1

09:20 Completely clear now

09:34 Preset L2_3C288_KsH.xml, now ends in Bin=1

L2: 84 without NCPA, (85-87 is 10sec used for alignment of field), OK, #0088-132 (Ks), #0133-156

Super! Script went through without issues

Seeing about 0.5-0.7" on the guider

11:32 Preset to L2_3C294_KsHJz.xml, preset + RunAO OK,

#0157 (wo NCPA), #0158 - 0165 (with NCPA), loop opens after #0165, reason unknown (optical gain unstable?)

Doug/Greg suspect that the NCPA (optical gain within NCPA) is the bad guy, it has not been tested @ Bin=2 and 625 Hz

11:55 Resent preset again, preset & RunAO OK, no NPCA for the reminder of the night to check
#0166-0193 (Ks), 0194-202 (H)

loop opens at 12:55, about 30min before sunrise due to high background

11:56 Move to a blank field for flats (Blank 17+34)

Dimm seeing below 1" all night -> this was definitively an AO-like night

Image quality not as god as the data taken of the same object exactly one year ago with LUCI1!

Twilight flats

J: 12:19 #207-216, 9k,
H: 12:22 #217-226, 5k
J: 12:26, #227-236, 18k
H: 12:29, #237-246, 19k
Ks: 12:33, #247-256, 6k
12:36, #257-266, 7k
12:45, #267-286, 8-

12:50 Geno is closing up

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