UT 20161023 LUCI1 AO Nighttime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: JHeidt
Observer AO: GTayler
Telescope Operator: GBechetti

Plan for the night

We take the first part of the night until 10pm

- Stability and robustness of FLAO-LUCI wo AFC in Bin = 1 and 2 again



All times are UT
Files are luci1.20161023.NNNN.fits

00:45 Sunset, Weather: mostly clear, T=9deg, Hum=55%, low wind

01:00 Geno checks pointing and collimates, guider says 0.6"


01:13 Preset to PCygni, RunAO, OK, 6 large offsets OK, 1st offset in patrol field failed, perhaps on LUCI-side (script is OK),,
stopped and restartet telescope manager and scheduler, LUCI-SW is slow
images #0002 (crap), #0003-0008 (offsets)

resent preset, RunAO, skipped large offsets, LUCI GUIs frozen again but we are taking data..., called Alexander he will check,
cont. to taka data in the meantime, DIMM gives about 0.9", system seems to be more stable, Greg uses
a more robust reconstructor, corrects 300 instead of 400m modes (will have lower Strehl).
Alexander fixed the LUCI-SW slowing problem: a disk RAID check from Bochum, check has been stopped now.

images #0009 (crap), #0010-0101

WOW, the FIRST long script (100 obsitems, running time about 2 1/2h) which made it this year


03:57 Preset to 3C 452, RunAO, OK, Dimm gives about 1", took 30 images on target

04:55 Stopped, handover to ARGOS

images, #0102-0104 (skies), #0105-0134 (target)

WOW, and the second script with 30 images went through too


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