UT 20161021 LUCI1 AO Nighttime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: JHeidt
Observer AO: GTayler
Telescope Operator: GBechetti

Plan for the night

- Stability and robustness of FLAO-LUCI wo AFC


- Did stability and robustness tests with Bin=1 and 2

- Loop opened 7 times

- Bin 1 is extremely unstable

- Bin 2 is somewhat more stable

- AO-team/Arcetri group need to dig into that


All times are UT
Files are luci1.20161021.NNNN.fits

00:50 Sunset, Weather: photometric, T=9deg, Hum=30%, low wind

01:00 Handover by ARGOS-team

01:13 Geno checks pointing and collimates, wow seeing looks excellent, Guider says 0.5"!!!

Robustness & stability of FLAO-LUCI1


01.41 Preset to PCygni, RunAO failed during checking flux, called Doug, put in nD-filter (should be done automatically),
preset again, Dimm says 1", RunAO OK, started, 1st obsitem is PCyg in center with blind/blind filters,
first skies show strong persistence (blind/blind filters are not too blind), 6 large offsets taken wo any problem,
back to field, 5th offset within patrol field failed, loop opened (Bayside stage is OK), "illegal command for arbitrator state",
resent preset, RunAO, OK, after 3rd offset within patrol field, loop opened, "unknown exception from Arbitrator",
resume by Grep on AOS-Gui, cont'd from there, optical gain routine didn't work properly hence the next offset failed,
too many failures at the same time, the scheduler got crazy, restartet scheduler and resent preset, RunAO OK, large offsets OK,
loop opens, but be recovered quickly, script didn't stop, but did not continue either, stop/start
telescope manager + scheduler and continue, loop opens again, arbitrator died, "illegal command for arbitrator state"

Give up on this field

images #0033-0071


03:05 Preset to 3C 452, RunAO ok, started, loop opened, unfortunate human interaction", restartet,
RunAO ok, guider says 0.6", DIMM says 1.3", loop opened after 20 images, perhaps due to seeing spike,
hence offset failed, tried to recover manually, nada, resent preset (last time tonight), RunAO OK, running for a while,
loop opens again, arbitrator died, "illegal command for arbitrator state", stopped for tonight

04:45 Handover to ARGOS-team

images #0072-0115


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