UT 20161020 LUCI1 AO Nighttime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: JHeidt
Observer AO: DMiller, APuglisi (remote from Italy)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti

Plan for the night

- We start at 3am local. By that time Alfio will deliver a patch that should get rid of the Bayside stage errors and the large offset issue

- For Bayside stage tests we will observe 4C 41.17 with plenty of dithers and short integrations

- For the large offset issue we will go to the Trapezium and dither in and off the patrol field


- could use about 1.5hrs at end of night before seeing turns bad

- Workaround works for Bayside stage turnouts and large offsets, LUCI! AO-com can resume


All times are UT
Files are luci1.20161020.NNNN.fits

00:50 Sunset, Weather: photometric, T=9deg, Hum=30%, Wind 5-10 m/s

The ARGOS-team works until handover

09:30 Doug puts in the patch delivered by Alfio

10:00 Handover by ARGOS-team

10:16 Geno checks pointing and colimates in Orion

Tests for offsets off the patrol field

10:21 Preset to Trapezium, RunAO, started, images look crap (13pix FWHM albeit of 5thmag AOref star), skip frame after a few images (seeing is good!), not clear why,
resent preset, RunAO failed, Alfio checks why, resent preset, RunAO OK, loop opened after 2 images(human interaction),
resent preset, RunAO failed, Bayside stage timeout,,
resent preset, RunAO OK, loop opened after a few frames, gain is too high (star has 5th mag) not clear why this is the case
Large offfsets work, images #0825-#0843

11:17 Geno checks pointing and collimates on our new field (its a large slew)

Tests for Bayside stage timeouts

11:23 Preset to 4c 41.17, 100 offsets, RunAO OK, had a Bayside stage timeout after about 28 images,
but workaround got rid of it, loop didn't open, timeout again after 38 images, workaround did its job,
skip frame by seeing spike, loop closed manually (three attempts), doesn't work,
resent present, Runao failed, seeing above 2" at present, cleared optics + collimated for a while
resent preset once more, no, seeing is too bad, stopped

Total time for one image a 15sec = 40sec, ie 25sec overhed for readout, saving, offsetting and reclosing loop, => Duty Cycle = 37%

images #0844-0882


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