LUCI-1 AO Override

OA: G. Bechetti

ISA: B. Rothberg

AO: D.Miller, G. Taylor


UT 07:52 - override called - AO agrees conditions are good

UT 08:21 - collimating, pointing tests near field - AO being set up

UT 08:27 - having issues with DX side - pointing and AO

UT 08:32 - giving up on DX side - reauthorized monocular SX - turning off mount,instrument and readout for LUCI-2 in observer gui as script is binocular)

UT 08:36 - pointing issues on SX side - cannot find star

UT 08:38 - moved to 2nd mag M5 star - cannot find star on SX side

UT 08:42 - canceling SX preset - homing hexapod

UT 08:46 - still no star in pointing check

UT 08:50 - still no luck finding pointing star - ran init on LUCI-1 to make sure CalUnit wasn't accidentally in the way.

UT 09:01 - re-authorized LUCI-1 (which also homes M3)- going to take test image with LUCI-1 to verify if pointing close or not

UT 09:16 - took test images with BrGamma and Ks (N30FieldStop out of FPU) - images are luci1.20160614.0005.fits and .0006.fits

UT 09:17 - Images look very odd, the images show sharp coma/flares on stars (if they are stars) - huge amounts of coma

UT 09:19 - moving to another field to test pointing

UT 09:25 - still nothing

UT 09:26 -resetting AZ encoders while M3 is homing

UT 09:29 - reauthorizing LUCI-1

UT 09:32 - PSFGUI left - X global offset is set to -7.01mm, Y=-1.3mm - is this the wrong offset?

UT 09:34 - reauthorizing LUCI-1 left bent gregorian to see if offset reads in correctly from config file

UT 09:37 - stopping PSF left and restarting, now X=0.505mm, Y=-0.449mm

UT 09:38 - looks like ARGOS cal unit positions overrode LUCI-1 and put in the high global offsets, authorizing just SX did this?

UT 09:43 - stop/restart PSF seemed to fix it, now can see pointing star that is round (and bright). No idea where discrepant values came from?

discrepant values can't be from morning, as MODS1/2 were being used -

UT 09:46 - Turning telescope back over to OSURC observers, reauthorizing for MODS1/2


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