UT 20160426 LUCI1 AO Nighttime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: JHeidt, APramskiy, DThompson,
Observer AO: DMiller, GTaylor (both LBTO), EPinna, APuglisi (remote from Italy upon request)
Telescope Operator: SAllenson
LBTO Support: TSargent

Plan for the night

- We are going to be closed all night due to wind, ie will perfom closed-dome tests


- Night useless for AO-commissioning, we were open a few hours at seeing > 2"

- Some LUCI2-spectra with the AO-slit/G210-grating and N30-camera

- Alexander cont'd with his closed-dome tests


All times are UT
Files are luci1.20160426.NNNN.fits

02:00 Sunset, Weather: clear, T = 0 deg, Hum = 40%, wind well above limit (25m/s)

Alexander is performing closed-dome AFC-tests

05:00 Still closed due to wind

07:45 All at the sudden, the wind calmed down, Steve opens, checks pointing and collimates,
mirror is 4 degs warmer than ambient, not perfect, we will give it a try...

DIMM reports 1.5-2.5", mostly dome-seeing, Tambient = -6deg, Tmirror = -2deg, but also weather
(temp dropped by 10deg in the last 10hrs)


08:23 Preset tp M92_AFC, OK, RunAO failed (skip frame), resent preset, RunAO failed again,
forces are to high due to bad seeing, AO doesn't make sense at present

LUCI2- spectra with N30-camera, 0.13" slit and G210 AO-grating in SL-mode

08:40 Authorize LUCI2, checking pointing and collimate, shell RIPed,

09:07 Preset to BD +14 3887 (JHK 6th mag emission-line star), (known) MOS error,
initialize MOS, OK, resent preset, OK, #0003-0006 acq, ls+verif, J@1.283mue #0007/8,
shell RIPed again during #0007, Steve recovers cont'd with exposure,
star has broad emission line presumably P_beta, H@1.646mue #0009/10, there is an
emission line, presumably Fe II, shell RIPed again during #0010, Cirrus passing,
K@2.17, #0011/12, broad Br_gamma, DIMM = 2-3" throughout (and some spikes up to 4").

Pointing model

10:35 Handover to Dave for pointing model observations, nothing else we can do at these conditions

10:50 Heavy Cirrus coming in, 100% coverage within a couple of minutes, no chance

11:45 Steve's closing up

12:00 Snow showers @ -8deg

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