UT 20160321 LUCI1 AO Nighttime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: JHeidt, APramskiy, WSeifert, DThompson,
Observer AO: DMiller, EPinna, APuglisi, GTaylor
Telescope Operator: DHuerta
LBTO Support: TSargent

Plan for the night

- Same as last night, ie stability and performance of instrument and FLAO

- Continue tests from ComPlan and combine it with simulating observations

- The Arcetri group may come up with some tests later tonight


- Successfull night. Did various tests with Bin 2, 3 and 4 and a wide variety of targets.

- Seeing mostly below 1", some Cirrus during 2nd part of night

- LUCI was running extremely stable, the AO caused troubles here and there (...skip frames...)

- Had problems with the AO during first part of the night, x-stage couldn't be homed

- Observing in AO pseudo-bino mode with LUCI1/2 does not work


All times are UT
Files are luci1.20160321.NNNN.fits

Walter and Dave work on pupil alignment during the afternoon
Impressive image luci1_20160320_0017.fits

01:35 Sunset, mostly clear, T = +4 deg, Hum = 28%, low wind

01:50 David checks pointing and collimates

Since NCPA-correction may not be fully applied during the first image of a script, we will
insert a pause after first obsitem and redo that image from the ROM

Observations are carried out in pseudo-binocular mode in order to allow Doug
to take some data on the other side.

Locking on RS with extended emission (SyI), faint features close to RS, large offsets, Bin=4

02:24 Preset to NGC2273, OK, RunAO, RS=15.4, Bin=4, 36 modes, GEIRS error when reading 1st image (#0002),
GEIRS buffer empty, Re-Init ROE, OK, cont'd, Ks, #0002, error on offset, Doug submitted offset on left side, didn't work,

De-authorized LUCI2, pseudo-binocular apparently doesn't work as expected.

02:48 Preset to NGC2273 again, OK, RunAO failed, resent preset, failed again,
Greg & Doug try to solve the problem, can not home the x-stage (possibly mechanical problem),
tried various ROTangles, worked at some point (ROTangle 45)

03:59 Preset to NGC2273 once more, RunAO failed again, corrected on the fly...and preset once more...
finally...at 04:20...taking data. Ks #0004, OK, #0005 crap (...skip frame...), offset error (due to optimize failure)
cont'd, #0006-0019, H #0020-0035, J #0036-0051, Dimm reported 0.8-1" throughout

Once everything was set up, the script was running w/o problems!

Time required for 48min on sky 77min => Duty Cycle 62%

Ima quality as fct of distance from RS

05:38 Preset to M82, OK, Bin=2, 153 modes, vamos, 05:47 Ks #0052-0074 , ima quality 0.075", Dimm = 0.7",
J #0075-0094, loop opened at 0094 (skip frame...), ima is crap, script stopped, resent preset, cont'd,
#0095-0096 are Ks, J #0097-0110, H 0115, stopped than, target stars are too faint, Cirrus are coming in

AO-imaging at larger separations

07:48 Preset to 3C 273, had to correct pointing after the long slew, OK, Bin=3, 66 modes, due to cirrus
Ks #0116-0124, error in script, redo, .DIMM = 0.8", Ks #0125-0127, loop opened (skip frame) ie #0127 crap, #0128-0160, OK

Partlly thick Cirrus passing!

Image quality as fct of radius from RS for (relatively) bright stars

09:19 Preset to M5 (center), script tweaked, coords for RS-star are from HST globular treasury program
WOW, worked, Bin=2, 153 modes, Rs-mag 12.1 (about 0.5mag extinction due to Cirrus), beautiful images
DIMM = 0.8", ima quality 0.075", Ks #0161-0178, J # 0179-0196, H #0198-215

10:52 Preset to M5, now for radial distances up to 100", started, #216 crap (skip frame), recovered
#0217-0224 OK, ima quality still 0.4" at 100" from RS at DIMM = 0.9"

Sky is clear now

Test for dynamic range

11:28 Preset to NGC 6543, Greg & Doug change a config-file based on discussion with Simone
images #0225-0239 in Br_gam and H2, loo opens while taking #0239, stopped here.

12:47 Walter did some tests to understand the nature of the mysterious "business class airplane window"

13:05 David is closing up

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