UT 20160319 LUCI1 AO Nighttime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: JHeidt, APramskiy, WSeifert, DThompson,
Observer AO: DMiller, EPinna, APuglisi (remote from Italy), GTaylor
Telescope Operator: SHill
LBTO Support: TSargent

Plan for the night

- Verify NCPA correction for Bin=1,2 at high/low elevation

- Test closing loop for close binary stars at different mag differences

- AO presets from LUCI

- First AO-Com tasks


  • AO presets from LUCI work

  • Spend all night in exploring NCPA and why the best Strehl is much lower than expected (57%)

  • Took a good set of flatfields in 10 filters


All times are UT
Files are luci1.20160319.NNNN.fits

00:55 Starting twilight flats with N30-camera, telescope at zenith

01:08 Wide variety of twilight BB and nB-flats to explore time window

01:35 Sunset, photometric outside, T = +4 deg, low wind, hum = 25%

01:55 Done with BB-flats at very low countrates

From Dave's log:

0008 0017 1x2.75s K ~6.6k ADU Nexp=10 NDIT=1
0018 0027 1x2.75s Ks ~5.9k
0028 0037 1x2.75s H ~16.8k moved filter during last img?
0038 0047 1x2.75s J ~29k
0048 0057 1x2.75s K ~6k

0058 0062 5x10s BrG ~1.4k LIR:NORM
0063 0067 5x10s H2 ~1.6k
0068 0072 5x10s FeII ~3.5k

0073 0082 10x2.75s K ~5.2
0083 0092 10x2.75s H ~14.6

0093 0097 5x10s Pbeta ~4.4k
0098 0102 5x10s Pgam ~5.7k 0103 0107 5x10s HeI ~7.5

0108 0117 10x2.75s K ~2k
0118 0127 10x2.75s H ~7.9k
0128 0137 10x2.75s Ks ~1.3k sunset around just after these images...
0138 0147 10x2.75s J ~8.6k
0148 0157 10x2.75s z ~10k

0158 0162 5x10s Brg ~90 ADU
0163 0167 5x10s H2 ~76
0168 0172 5x10s FeII ~140
0173 0177 5x10s HeI ~270
0178 0182 5x10s Pbeta ~80
0183 0187 5x10s Pgam ~43

0188 0197 10x2.75s J ~120
0198 0207 10x2.75s z ~95

0208 0217 10x2.75s darks (just both blind filters in)
0218 0222 5x10s darks

02:00 John checks pointing and collimates
  • Seeing 0.7" on the guider

AO-preset from LUCI

02:20 Preset to A45_R8_0023 from LUCI, R=8.5, failed, correct pointing, failed again, PA=130 for ROTangle 280, 2 images with blind filters, #223-224, worked!!!

Star is a close double with secondary about 3mag fainter, separation about 0.8"
Tests with open loop, closed loop, closed loop with NCPA

NCPA bright star at high elevation

02:51 Pointto AO309, R=8.0, preset failed, corrected pointing, OK
center star on GEIRSsubwin + take data, ended at ROT=195, go back to 180 and redo

Greg & Enrico are collecting data for checking NCPA-correction, vibrations, got only 50% Strehl !!!

03:55 Pointto AO309, PA = 190 => ROT = 300, RunAO failed, arbitrator died as last night, error debugging

04:55 Preset to AO309 again, PA=100 => ROT=300, taking data Fe II, Br_gam, vibrations much lower now!!!
Strehl still about 50% only, but PSF look much better (most of us believe comparable what we had in Jan last year with LUCI2), where STrehl of 75% has been achieved. Seeing on Dimm shows now about 1", up to 1.4"!

05:43 Preset to AO309 again, PA=80 => ROT=180, collecting data, Br_gam

NCPA faint star at high elevation

06:01 Preset to A45_R11_0039, Rmag = 11.3, bin=2, Br_gam, oszillations !

AO-tests faint star at high elevation

07:10 Preset to A45_R14_0019 via LUCI1, check for bin=3, not much counts...

NCPA bright star at low elevation

08:02 Preset to A45_R8_0045, R=8.3, Bin=1, PA=80 = ROT = 180, failed, checked pointing, resent, OK
Images look much better now, DIMM=1", some flukes up to 1.7"

NCPA bright star at high elevation - without mirror ventilation

09:32 Preset to A5_R8_0042, PA=165 = ROT=300, Bin=1, check if mirror ventilation makes AO-correction poorer,
selected to pass meridian

10:33 Preset to AO511, PA=45 = ROT=180, Bin=2, selected to pass meridian,
more checks by adding trifoil

  • Optimization of gain was not best, rechecked and improved => Strehl somewhat higher (57% was best)

11:35 Preset to AO513, again selected to pass meridian to cover a wide range of ROTangles,
various tests with/without NCPA, with/without mirror ventilation etc.
Simone and Alfio will analyse the data during the day and advice us on how to continue

12:48 John is closing up

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