UT July 07 - LUCI-2 Testing

Observer LUCI-Team: D.Thompson, O.Kuhn, B.Rothberg
Telescope Operator: G.Bechetti
Instrument Support: E.Shield

UT 04:13 - Finished Pupil Check and FM4 check - doing pointing and collimating checks

UT 04:21 - Moving to Telluric HD 128039

UT 04:39 - Had to manually take 2nd position of Telluric - wasn't in script

UT 04:40 - Seeing 1.2" GCS

UT 04:42 - Moving to Target FF1532+3242

UT 04:55 - Longslit Acquisition

UT 05:12 - Redoing Acquisition - target didn't appear to be in slit - not sure if error or due to varying sky conditions

UT 05:39 - Finally started longslit after anomalies

UT 06:16 - Seeing 1" in GCS

UT 06:32 - Rothberg target complete

UT 06:33 - Kuhn HK spectroscopy of PDS456 starting

UT 06:50 - image 43 (acquisition image) has poor IQ. Looks like the problem at high elevation, but this is at 40 deg elevation.

UT 06:50 - calculated shifts look good and the offset item appears in the correct place.

UT 06:55 - use telsrv to move object by 1 pix to the left (-0.12" dX, 0" dY). Will be 46 (...67 This saved in normal mode!)

UT 07:00 - 50,000 counts in qso. PDS has K=9.89 (Yun et al 2004). Got to try "abort" again, and confirm that it doesn't yet stop the script - the countdown timer was still going. After inserting a pause after current item and another pause after next item, used GEIRS control to abort (2x needed) and script stopped at first pause. Reduced DIT from 300 to 100 and used telsrv to send object back to center of slit. Still too many counts. Reduced DIT from 100 to 15 (x NDIT=10). Running now.

UT 07:40 - airmass 1.7. Seeing ~ 1.5".

UT 07:45 - HIP86523 acquisition. Script took pair of field images (didn't think I set it up that way) and used the default save_mode (normal) as I forgot to change it. But acquisition was good.

UT 08:00 HIP86523 observation. airmass 1.700

UT 08:00 - Moving to NGC7078Center for MOS tesitng

UT 09:31 - Closed shortly after moving to NGC7078 due to high humidity - doing cals now

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