UT 20150131 LUCI2 AO Nighttime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: JHeidt, WSeifert, APramskiy, MEdwards (all remote from Tucson)
Observer AO-Team: SEsposito, GAgapito, EPinna, APuglisi (all remote from Tucson)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti
LBTO Support: DMiller

Plan for the night

- The winter storm is fully above the LBT, no chance to open tonight

- Again some NCPA-stuff

- SW-tests

Preparation for the night

PSF changed -> detected that yesterday FM1 was moved instead of FM4 for field alignment
-> all movements back now


- AO-team was able to improve the NCPA correction. Now 80% Strehl can be achieved closed dome in H-band.
Potentially even 85% Strehl may be possible on sky!

- Repeatability tests => PV displacements 0.4pix 0.2pix

- Alignment last night was done erroneously the wrong way, redone and OK

- SW tests delivered some issues with the scheduler


All times are UT
Files are luci2.20150131.NNNN.fits

Evaluation of NCPA scanning results revealed that focus & spherical aberration are correlated
& not orthogonal on annulus (due to secondary obstruction)
-> iterative scanning & minimum finding necessary and performed
-> Strehl ratio %GREEN 80% in H band !!!

Repeatability measurements (mask in/out)

SpectroSieve, N3.75 K/clear
...31_0001 mask in FPU
_0002 background with blind filter
_0003 mask still in FPU
_0004 mask to turnout and back #1
_0005 ... _0024 focus while FPU -> turnout
_0025 mask to turnout and back #2
_0026 mask to turnout and back #3
_0027 mask to turnout and back #4
_0028 mask to turnout and back #5

-> PV displacements 0.4pix 0.2pix

Determination of tilt

Longslit with N3.75 images to determine tilt after the detection of the wrong alignment yesterday
all was reset to zero first
_0029 LS 150\xB5 N3.75
_0030 LS 150\xB5 N1.80
_0031 LS 150\xB5 N30
_0032 N30_LS N30
now align slit to center: FM4 M1 +2500steps, M2 -3500steps
_0033 as aligned as before
==> _0034 ... 0043 N30 focus while FPU -> turnout
_0044 LS 150\xB5 N30

-- %USERSIG{JochenHeidt - 2015-01-31}%
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