UT 20150130 LUCI2 AO Nighttime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: JHeidt, WSeifert (remote from Tucson), APramskiy (remote from Dthompson's home), MEdwards (remote from Tucson)
Observer AO-Team: SEsposito, GAgapito, EPinna, APuglisi (remote from Tucson)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti
LBTO Support: DMIller

Plan for the night

- various NCPA tests

- check of N30 masks


- various NCPA=f(rot) measurements


- Due to heavy snow expected the FLAO/LUCI-team left the mountain, does the rest of the run remotely from Tucson


All times are UT
Files are luci2.20150130.NNNN.fits

06:00 Teams aggregated in the remote observing room at Steward, heavy rain at the LBT

#12 Image of N30-slit with N30 camera

- detailing of NCPA=f(rot) measurements in order to sample higher order aberration dependence in more detail

03:53 Starting LUCI2 checks

Field alignment + check of LUCI2 N30-masks:

via GEIRS: luci2_20150129_*

- N30/N30 Sieb II, clear/K, lights in dome on, 10sec, #0001, N30 LS #0002 (mirror 1 = -7000 steps, mirror 2 = -5700 steps),
N30 LS II #0003 (looks ok) , same with N3.75 camera #0004

- N30/N 30 field stop, clear/K, looks displaced and tilted, #0005, same with N3.75 #0006

- N3.75 N30 pointingcheck clear/K, #0007, with N30-camera #0008

Analysis of the N30 mask images by Wseifert

- determination of the defocus of the N30 camera: 6.7mm ( lab results was 8+-1mm) if I a nominal width of 80\xB5m of LS is assumed (#0002).

- tilt of the masks consistently 17pix over 2048pix CCW, i.e. -0.48deg (this can be optimzed
during the next intervention by rotating the detector. (all masks)

- The pinholes in the corners of the field stop mask are to far 'out' and should be
drilled a bit more close to the center for the final mask (#0005)

- The double slit (LS II) has different slit width for the upper and lower slit (up: 12pix, low 10pix). What are the nominal values? (#0003)

- after centering the masks in the N30 FOV, the masks are offset by ~20pix from center
in the N3.75 camera which are assumed to be a acceptable value. (pairs #0003 & 0004, #0005 & 0006, #0007 &0008)

LUCI2_N30_FieldStop LUCI2_N30_LS LUCI2_N30_DoubleSlit LUCI2_N30_PointingMask

Images (from left to right): N30 + Field Stop, Longslit, Double Longslit, Pointing Mask

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LUCI2_N30_LS.jpgjpg LUCI2_N30_LS.jpg manage 247 K 31 Jan 2015 - 05:40 JochenHeidt LUCI2 N30 Longslit
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