UT 20150124 LUCI2 AO Daytime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: WSeifert, APramskiy
Observer AO-Team: SEsposito, GAgapito, EPinna, APuglisi
Telescope Operator:
LBTO Support:

Plan for the day

- Continue with Task#1, optimize Strehl


- Strehl in H-band > 75% now

- Vibration limit maximum Strehl to 85%

- NCPA is strongly rotation angle dependent


All times are UT
Files are luci2.20150124.NNNN.fits

NCPA data analysis
- FWHM from Gauss fit is by ~20% too large as Airy function is steeper and has rings
-> the measured PSFs have diff limited cores

- Measured vibrations (WFS) are higher than with PISCES
and lower the SR by ~15%, thus perfect system down to 85%

- SR measured is lower, highest measured SR was 68% in H
-> there must be still uncorrected aberrations present of up to 100nm, maybe higher order

Align field & check pupil alignment

NCPA fitting, also higher order
using KL coeffs as used for mirror instead of Zernikes to find the unknown higher order aberrations

Check of gain modulation influence gave no new clues
Now best SR=72% in H band, ~25000 counts -> 6% non-lin

Use 64^2 frame with 0.08 9000counts gives SR>76%
-> daytime value & seems really good!

through focus images for calibrating the analysis sw

turbulence added 0.8arcsec + 15m/s wind -> 72%

seeing against SR

rotate luci by 90deg ...bad: psf changees significantly: #24_0021
especially ast now changed
-> NCPA is rotation-angle dependent! (which requires more work)

- Issue with some FITS keywords: not terminted by quote/cut
Alexander will look for

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