UT 20150123 LUCI2 AO Daytime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: WSeifert, APramskiy
Observer AO-Team: SEsposito, GAgapito, EPinna, APuglisi
Telescope Operator:
LBTO Support:

Plan for the day

- Continue with Task#3 (NCPIA)
- Remove ND-mount


- Some more work on NCPA done, reason for lower than expected Strehl only partly solved (vibrations)

- ND-mount removed successfully

- Several timeouts when trying to move filter wheel


All times are UT
Files are luci2.20150123.NNNN.fits

Several time-out when trying to move the filter wheel
-> on Monday daytime the power supply will be exchanged and the voltages checked

Task#3 (7.3.7 in Complan): NCPA, reason for lower than expected Strehl

Scale HeI
_0001 original before NCPS correction
.0159/60 reference with NCPA correction
.0161/62 moved AO stage by +0.99mm
.0163/64 stage -1.00
.0165/66 stage to -0.99mm
.0167/68 stage +0.99mm
-> 2.021 magnification factor
-> overall scale is as design!

Rings visibility (obscuration)
HeI 10x 15s (40000 counts in center)
.0169 - .0178
-> no rings visible
change to Br_gam
4x 150s plus 1x 150 dark
.0185-.0188, dark .0189

Pupil imaging
_0002 forget, PupVie not in
_0003 not with PV
_0004 Pupil aligned
filter removed
_0005 pupil still aligned

ND Filter De-Installation
with tel @ zenith by Mike
-> now also H band measurements possible

Check NCPA now
Br_gam .0189 looks quite similar (3s, 15000 counts)
now 10 images 3s ! 24th .0006 - .0015
dark .0016
FeII find focus position
0.17s, 25000counts with source bright
apply & optimize NCPA by through focus images series

-> also in FeII same increase of FWHM
live view is great!!! (using min exp time)
60% Strehl now
from live view, there might be some vibration

HeI again

Internal vibration test
- air flow off
- elec cooling off
- elec off + cooling off
- as before + CCCs off
- as before + air fow off
-> Strehl from 60% up to 64% ; strongest effect with CCs off, but noise around +-2%
-> this might only part of the issue we have

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