UT 20150122 LUCI2 AO Daytime Commissioning

Observer LUCI-Team: WSeifert
Observer AO-Team: SEsposito, GAgapito, EPinna, APuglisi
Telescope Operator:
LBTO Support:

Plan for the day

- Check GEIRS windowed readout option

- Continue with Task #3 (NCPA)


- GEIRS windowed radout works!

- NCPA work contn'd, Strehls achieved in HeI and Br_gam are lower than expected,
reason unclear


- RMathar installed a new GEIRS version which should allow propper windowed readout


All times are UT
Files are luci2.20150122.NNNN.fits

- Subwindow testing

in principle ok, works! BUT: x coordinate flipped
xstart = 2048-xs-winsize, ystart = ys
xcen, xycen, size
xstart = 2048-xcen-size/2
ystart = ycen-size/2

- Remote access

again hanging, could not be recovered
in the end Alfio killed the hanging 'commit readout processes
-> then working, also subwindow ok from remote

AI Alexander: Focus from detec. GUI: +900 -225?

Task #3 (7.3.7 in complan): NCPA

continued from yesterday to establish the results found
using subwindow size 128x128

*HeI 1.09\xB5*
.0018/0019 without NCPA SR=24%
.0020/0021 with NCPA SR=30%
Focus sequence -> adopted
.0040 SR=41% FWHM 3.15pix
manual refinement of corr terms and switch to Zernikes
and automatic scan for best NCPA
Result Ast 3.5/16 Com -9, -11.5 Tri 3.1 -7.5 Sph -7 -> Strehl 39%
(all coeffs to be multiplied by 4 to get wavefront!)
# _0007 (3s)

-> final Strehl 39%

*Br_gam 2.17\xB5*
# .0060 Strehl 60% FWHM 4.3pix

-> final Strehl 60%

BUT : why is the FWHM in both filters larger than expected by theory?
simple calculation shows that effect is ~equal for both filters/wavelengths
-> vibration?: minor influence by switching cold heads/electronics/cooling off,
measured with the WFS
-> ? internal vibration: test needed
-> ? vignetting: check pupil alignment
-> ? filter effect: use other filters
-> ? measure first ring radius
-> ? scale determination

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