UT 20131110 LUCI2 Nighttime Commissioning

Observer: WSeifert, JHeidt, PBuschkamp, APramskiy, KPolsterer
Telescope Operator: DGHuerta
LBTO Support:

Plan for the night

  • => First Com-night, concentrate on basics first, adapt to weather if nexessary, if bad, do closed-dome stuff

  • Note1: Since most likely no closed-dome tests could be done on Nov 8, some important tests may need to be done before going on sky
  • Note1: No telescope service GUI will be available during this run, ie all has to be done via scripts
  • DMiller will be on call from 10pm onwards in case guide probe transformation measurements are possible

  • Pupil alignment (closed dome)
  • Pupil alignment verification (on sky)
  • Preset by TO to collimate and check if pointing star can be seen
  • Preset in track/active at 3 positions mode to see if it works (pointing star)
  • Redo with offsets to have a feeling of orientation
  • Orientation on sky, Pearsson stds, about 12 fields (if weather photometric, some of them in 4 filters, can be usd for first guess of ZPs)
  • Telescope focus, TT (if seeing is good and conditions are stable, need DMiller)
  • Guide probe transformation (if seeing is good by DMiller)
  • Take image of with pointing mask
  • Offset tests small/large, jitter-large offset sequences, failure tests (do offset with GS off patrol field
  • Guide probe transformation verification (if seeing is good) by DMiller)



MEdwards has prepared quite a few scripts for pointing stars/Pearsson stds.
DThompson provided info about his procedure for closed-dome pupil alignment


-- JochenHeidt - 08 Nov 2013
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