UT 20131107/08 LUCI2 Daytime Commissioning

Observer: WSeifert, APramskiy, KPolsterer, PBuschkamp
Telescope Operator:
LBTO Support:

Plan for the day

There are many activities coming up today at the same time, not clear if anything can be done.
If so, the following tests should be carried out:

  • Pupil alignment
  • Closed dome presets
  • Camera wheel reproducability
  • Grating selection reproducability
  • Flexure compensation verification (if time is left)


Pupil alignment and field centering was done by WSeifert.
In addition several nighttime-tests could be carried out:
- Binocular preset successfull!
- ARGOS imaging to determine background light from ARGOS lasers
=> No background detectable on the 0.1% level
- ARGOS spectroscopy to check if ARGOS is excitating atmospheric lines
=> No additional lines with LGS ON detected on the 0.1% level


Scripts for camera wheel repro (Camera_repro.xml), grating selection repro (Grat_select_repro.xml)
as well as for the flexure compensation (flexure_minus1.xml) are in the folder daytime_com.
The flexure-script was not running a few days ago but may need some tweaking,
otherweise it must be done manually (may ask DThompson to take care of that).


  • - Pupil centering
    The pupil and the FoV have been centered in clsoed dome @zenith
    ROT=0deg; J band used for pupil imaging
    Final pupil image: luci2_20131108_0004.fits

  • - Preset
    send an active binocular preset to the telescope
    worked partially as the telescope slewed, but we get no guiding & collimation
    TO run collimation manually
    send preset again and now went fine
    ? why did the first preset in that evning not succeed?

ARGOS stuff


- Check of the co-pointing of LUCI1 with ARGOS FoVs: ok (see also next day)
- Check offsets: ARGOS is presently limited to 15arcsec as for larger offsets the
lasers will automatically switch off.
--> AI: Increase the maximum allowable offsets to at least 4arcmin


  • - ARGOS Imaging
    test if we see background light from ARGOS lasers
    target HD 223952 23:53:52.5 +44:33:21
    all images taken manually by GEIRS directly -> no valid FITS headers
    Set-up for LUCI1 & 2:
    N3.75 camera, Br_gamma/clear, 4s integration time
    Telescope not well collimated: image swith LUCIs correspond to what was
    seen on guider
    LGS ON
    LUCI1: luci1_20131108_0023 - 0042
    LUCI2: luci2_20131108_0030 - 0049
    LUCI1: luci1_20131108_0043 - 0062
    LUCI2: luci2_20131108_0050 - 0069
    Total integration time ~80s
    -> result: ON /OFF less than 0.1% difference and NOT systematic

Telescope now fully collimated for LUCI1 & partially collimated for LUCI2
? why did the collimation for LUCI2 not work as well as for LUCI1?
Instrument set-up as above
LUCI1: luci1_20131108_0063 - 0072 -> FWHM 0.44arcsec
LUCI2: luci2_20131108_0070 - 0079 -> FWHM 0.67arcsec

  • -ARGOS spectroscopy
    test if ARGOS is exitating atmospheric lines , sky background spectra
    AGW close to center of FoV for both sides and partially vignetting the spectrum
    Instrument set-up N1.80 camera, 200HK @ 2.0\xB5m, HK filter for both LUCI
    Image, no mask #0074 position of star X=1070
    Image, through 1arcsec longslit mask: #0073 position of slit 1031
    Spectra 120s (some condensation on entrance window, visible in spectra)
    LGS ON: #0075 & #0078
    LGS OFF: #0076 & #0077
    Darks 120s: #0079,0080,0081
    Image, no mask #0080 position of star X=1014
    Image, through 1arcsec longslit ACTFlex mask: #0081 position of slit 1029
    Spectra 120s
    LGS ON: #0082 & #0083
    LGS OFF: #0084 & #0085
    Darks 120s: #0088,0089,0090
    Reflections/Ghost visible: Blind mask ##0086 -> still visible
    -> MOS camera & LED are on and produce those reflections.
    if LED switched off, we have no measurable background from warm MOS cam
    -> NO additional lines with LGS ON detected on the 0.1% level

-- JochenHeidt - 09 Nov 2013
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