UT 20131103 LUCI2 Daytime Commissioning

Observer: DThompson (Tucson), JHeidt (remote)
Telescope Operator: GBechetti, MMidkiff
LBTO Support:

Plan for the day

Take flexure data in imaging mode first (N3.75 and N1.8)
than do spectro-modes with N1.8 and g210/150/200
If time is left do than N3.75 and g210/150/200


Flexure-script doesn't go through properly. Some issues
possibly related to the telescope in between, but in the end
it got always stuck at ROT=210deg (when coming from -90deg).
Also it won't start at -90deg but at -89deg.
A new script has been made named flexure_minus1.xml
which goes from -90 .. +449 .. -89
Requested Alexander to check whats going wrong.


A flexure-script labelled flexure.xml has been prepared
which goes from ROTangle = -90 ... + 450 .. -90 in steps of 30deg.


From Daves notes:

20131103 LUCI2 Flexure Calibrations

Cannot change the directory path or the next filename. How is this set?
directory: /dataB/readout2/DATA/20131031
nextfile: luci2.20131031.0002.fits
work with it as is for now.

Instrument already configured with Optic Sieve mask, mirror, N3.75, blind+blind filters.

"Submit" on READ2 GUI gives an error:

Connection refused to host
Could not retrieve 202 from journalizer (after integration))
Error to get the journalizer object with usage: luci TWO, type: turbo pump

But there are new exposures appearing in the data directory. Note that the
"nextfile" and "lastfile" on READ2 GUI are not incrementing at all.

Aladin file -> load local file giving an error when trying to display image

DS9 apparently is not installed correctly...
ds9 &
[1] 5681
[lucifer@luci iraf]$ Application initialization failed: Can't find a usable init.tcl in the following directories:
./zvfsmntpt/tcl8.5 /tmp/linux64/saods9/lib/tcl8.5 /usr/lib/tcl8.5 /lib/tcl8.5 /usr/library /library /tcl8.5.8/library /tcl8.5.8/library

This probably means that Tcl wasn't installed properly.

Error in startup script: couldn't read file "./zvfsmntpt/src/ds9.tcl": no such file or directory

OK, lets try this...

0004 0005 1x3.0 LIR for readnoise - not sure of actual exposure time
0006 0007 1x3.0 MER for readnoise - not sure of actual exposure time
0008 1x5.0 LIR as dark for FC data (thought I asked for 2)

Insert Br_gam + clear

Readout seemed hung...abort gave:
Error during abort process...
Bundle file "de.rub.astro.lucifer.control.readout.R7GEIRSService" not found
Empty GEIRS response...

Submit on READ2 GUI gives a popup stating "commit in progress"
reset also seems to hang...the reset button remains "pressed"
Cannot even close the GUI to open another.

Jochen fixed it (ask him for details)...
killed java processes
restart GEIRS
restart readout manager

5.0s Br_gam ~270 ADU peak (0005)
Switch to K (0006) ~10000 ADU peak

IIF RotServicePosition command for right side failed
- Geno cycling power to rotator
- he can move it.
- used LUCI2 to send to -60, worked
- last file 0007

flexure.xml script @ EL=90, N3.75 imaging
02:16 0008 - 0013
UI hung at ROT=+90

OB Execution panel hanging?
stop/restart things per Jochen's instructions

02:41 flexure.xml - no data taken
ROT showing emergency stop, angle = 0.000
Geno has to reset something in the treehouse
says both rotators affected, not MODS'

03:33 tried again. nope...rotators faulting

Geno reports that anything above -89 seems to be a problem. Changed the
extremes inward by 1 degree (-89 to +449), saved to flexure_minus1.xml

04:07 0014 - 0023 flexure_minus1.xml
UI hung at ROT=+150 this time

Close UI
stop/start scheduler
open observer UI
open instrument GUI
open Readout GUI (this hung)
stop readout manager
stop GEIRS
start GEIRS
start readout manager

log msg: "TEL> commit just rottaion true" (mis-spelled "rotation")

04:21 0024 - 0033 flexure_minus1.xml
hung at ROT=210 this time
restart UI as above

04:33 0034 - 0043 flexure_minus1.xml
hung at ROT=210 again
restart UI as above

04:44 0044 - 0045 flexure_minus1.xml
hung at ROT=210 again
restart UI as above

04:54 0046 - flexure_minus1.xml
Now "commit" button does nothing
Manually took image, worked OK
restart UI as above

05:00 0047 - flexure_minus1.xml
"commit" button still does nothing
Actually does a few commands/comments in the message window.

no progress, emailed Jochen.

Reconfigured with blind+blind filters. Optic Sieve, N3.75 and mirror remain unchanged
from the start of the night. Rotator returned to 210 degrees

Jochen's notes:

Once Dave went home, I tried to continue with camera-repro/focus-tests at various ROTangles:

08:30 Camera-repro done manually via instr/readout-manager
files are in dir 20131102
ROT=210: N3.75/N1.8 alternating 5 times
files #0047-0057 (0055+0056 identical)
had to stop afterwards since ARGOS-team requested telescope at horizon

-- JochenHeidt - 03 Nov 2013
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