2011 August-September W#1 for FLAO#2

  • LabLog20110825 W#1 Arrive and first functional check
  • LabLog20110826 W#1 Functional test
  • LabLog20110827 W#1 optical cleaning, motor styrodur cover, board cover installed, BCU47 fail, glycol disaster
  • LabLog20110828 W#1 BCU47 connector repai, cover finalization, motor insulator finalization, RON measurements, laser tacker mirror alignment
  • LabLog20100829 W#1 Cooling plates reinstallation, cooling check, functional check
  • LabLog20100830 DAYOFF in Tucson
  • LabLog20100831 Dichroic installation and IRTC installation on AGW in the lab
  • LabLog20110901 W Board alignment... part 1
  • LabLog20110902
  • LabLog20110903 J. Little accident, telecentric lens installation, CCD47 focusing, pupil displacement measurement
  • LabLog20110904 Pupil jitter adjustement, final functionality and RON check
  • LabLog20110905 Morning in Safford, night operation shifted to the 7th

2012 Jan-Feb W#1 HW fixing

2013 Jan W#2 HW fixing

  • LabLog20130116 W functional check
For activity 16-21 Jan see DOCX report

2013 May W#2 HW fixing (y stage and frozen)

2013 August W#1 HW fixing (y stage and frozen)

2014 July W#2 HW fixing (BCU39, cube mount, ARGOS TT)

2014 October W#2 alignment to LUCI2 window (IRTC)

2015 March W#2 BCU47 FAIL + Resettone Power Board + Camera lens X axis

2015 May W#2 BCU47 FAIL

2015 AUGUST w#1 TTARGOS installation + W#1 electornics

2016 February W#1 alignment

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