Configuring the user account for the AO Supervisor developer

NOTE: This page is obsolete. Last revision of this info is in CentOS67Installation.

The production FLAO software will run from the account flao. This account must not be used for any software development whatsoever.

Software tests and any other maintenance operation will be performed from other suitable user accounts.

flao account specs

The flao account must have read/write access to the FLAO working directories:


The two directories must be created in advance and have proper owner and permissions (suggested owner:group = flao:flao, suggested permissions: drwxrwxr-x)

User account specs

Development user accounts must only have read/write access to the directory /local/aomeasures. (Suggestion: add user accounts used for development to the flao group)

4D and IDL

To use the 4D PhaseCam 4020 with the IDL wrapper:
  • Add the PYRO_CONFIG_FILE environment variable (i.e equals to $(ADOPT_ROOT)/conf/left/Pyro_Client.conf)
  • Set the variable PY_VER in Makefile.gen
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