UAO Software Test Procedure

The following steps will be performed to verify the correct execution of commands and the proper interaction with TCS (AOS)

Housekeeping commands:

Housekeeping commands will be exercised to verify the correct delivery of commands and the corresponding status display on AOSGUI and on FLAOGUI.

  • AdSec ON

  • AdSec SET

  • AdSec REST

  • AdSec OFF

  • WFS ON


Automatic operation test (simulation mode)

Note: The sequence below can be simulated by means of the procedure.

A full sequence of AOS commands will be performed in simulation mode. The test sequence is as follows:

  • PresetFlat

  • PresetAO

  • AcquireRefAO

  • StartAO

  • PauseAO

  • ResumeAO

  • StopAO

Further tests: Verify that long commands (AcquireRefAO, StartAO) are interruptible with the Abort button on FLAOGUI. Force a Skip Frame alert when in "Loop Closed" state

Intervention mode test (simulation mode)

After setting the AO Arbitrator in 'Intervention mode' the above sequence of AOS commands will be used again. The following checks will be performed:

  1. Check Stop button at each state
  2. Check PresetOK button
  3. Check Center Star button
  4. Check Center Pupils button
  5. Check Check Flux* button
  6. Check Done (1) button
  7. Check Optimize Gain button
  8. Check Apply Optical Gain button
  9. Check Done (2) button
  10. Check functionality of Abort button at relevant states
  11. Force a Skip Frame alert in Loop Closed state and verify resulting state
  12. Check Re-close Loop button
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