UAO Software Test Plan (Night time)

The purpose of night time tests is to verify the correct functionality of the AO Subsystem in real sky operation. It is actually more a complete functionality test than a software test.

For doing that we will need to select in advance a few (5-6) suitable target stars: magnitude 6-8, 50-60 degrees over the horizon in the considered period (2 AM - 6 AM (MST), Sunday, May 15th), well spaced on sky (so that we have better probability to have a suitable target in case of partially cloudy weather). We must prepare the target information needed to preset the Telescope.

We will test the operations using the two available modes: Automatic and Intervention (see also: NewAOArbitrator) .

  • Automatic mode corresponds to the mode of operation used up to now: the AOS will command the AO subsystem automatically to close the AO loop. We must verify that the new Arbitrators will perform as before

  • Intervention mode allows a interaction by the user to optionally execute some substeps in the above procedure. We must verify that the new Arbitrators support properly the user interaction.

In both cases we will verify the proper communication with AOS, the capability of the latter to operate in Intervention mode (e.g.: in Intervention mode the timeout on commands must be disabled to allow time for user interaction), and most notably the correct delivery and management of offload commands.
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