Start up of the system with the Arbitrator GUI.

All the systems up.
Problem in the position of the filter wheel 1, it was necessary to do a homing two times to put the filters in the right position.
Speed: 2500 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 19.83 - RON (e-): 9.91 (estimated)
Speed: 890 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 13.08 - RON (e-): 6.54 (estimated)
Speed: 400 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 7.92 - RON (e-): 3.96 (estimated)
Speed: 150 kpix/sec - RON (ADU): 8.46 - RON (e-): 4.23 (estimated)

Measurements focal lengh of the penina, this could explain the lato dimensoins. The focal is measured with a value of 14.8 instead of 14.5.
The second step is to move the camara lens and the CCD 39 to have a pupil, moving backward by 8 mm the camara lens and the CCD39, the pyramid is in the nominal position.

The penina is taken off from the flower pot to measure the diaphragm and changed it

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 2009-09-04
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