Alfio,Enrico,Simone,Lorenzo,Juan Carlos


Carring out the optical alignment.

Improve the control software, Automatic optical alignment, start up of the system, ADC homing and determined zero position,camara lens centering, autofocusing.
During the test the camara lens stopped to move inY axes. The connector has to be checked. Probably we are seen the same fault of the X axe, where one wire of the connector was disconected).

Plug-unplug the Y connector solved the problem.This has to be checked.

Preliminar alignment of the pupil, two images saved for post-processing analysis. The dimension of the pupils are around 31 pixels with a latto of 36.9. The latto and the diameter can be changed with the thresold setup.
The images are a sequence of 100 images
/home/labot/testW2/settember/ pupil30pixdiam.fits and pupil31pixdiam.fits.

The pyramid has moved forward (to the folding mirror) by 14mm. and it seems from the pupils images that it has to be moved forward by another 5mm.

-- JuanCarlosGuerra - 2009-09-03
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