log of Armando's processing run during the night

  • last commands executed:
    • .r if_redux
    • process_if2, then .c
  • execution interrupted at mode 335. stdout=
    • Mode:335 dir: 2009_08_28_k000_335_j_ICC/hdf5
      Warning: the domain should be limited to a circle of unit radius. Fraction of point outside:
      Max ptv tilt (surface) [nm]: 4784.20
      RMS tilt coeff (surface) [nm]: 4354.87
      Checking for file: 2009_08_28_k336_671_j_ICC/hdf5/img_1199.h5
      sub_dir_disturb: 2009_08_28
      first_mode: 336
      last_mode: 671
      ext: j_ICC
      do_zonal: 0
      % IF_REDUX: NO H5 FILES FOUND IN: 2009_08_28_k336_671_j_ICC/hdf5
      % Execution halted at: IF_REDUX 29
      % PROCESS_IF2 63
      % $MAIN$
  • IDL shell still open (2009_08_29, 11:50) on aows, screen#4)

  • data reduction completed for folder 2009_08_28_k336_671_i_ICC.HDF5

new set of measurements

print, fsm_set_flat(/dis)

print, opt_int_mat_reduce(300,/multi, nmeas=5), opt int mat used:2009_08_10

max forxe=-0.3N, WFE=48nm RMS no TTF (interf image saved as 2009_08_29_flattened300modes_48nmRMS.h5

10 minutes after the flattening a bump is noticed close to che central membrane (interf image=2009_08_29_flattened300modes_109nmRMS-bump.h5

shell flattened again, after warming up

max force requested for the second flattening=-0.27N, interf image saved as 2009_08_29_reflattened300modes_45nmRMS.h5

print, set_diagnostic(over=0.005)

print, set_icc(/reset), without effect, as the previous command did not set the ICC

14:00 (+-) shell ripped, new flattening required

max force required=-0.3N, WFE=45nmRMS, interf image saved as 2009_08_29_reflattened300modes_after_rip_45nmRMS.h5

15:06 shell ripped, after acquiring '000_335_c_ICC' set of samples.data set deleted, shell flattened again and new setof samples

max force required=-0.3N, WFE=45nmRMS, interf image saved as 2009_08_29_reflattened300modes_after_rip2_45nmRMS.h5


  • make_modal_disturb(0,335,/KL,/SEND,EXT='xxx',/SAVE,SCALE=0.5)
  • comm4d.capture(1200, name)
  • if_redux_pos('2009_08_29',0, 335,'_klfit_' ,'xxx')
  • make_modal_disturb(336,671,/KL,/SEND,EXT='xxx',/SAVE)
  • comm4d.capture(1200, name)
  • if_redux_pos('2009_08_29',336,671,'_klfit_' ,'xxx')
the first set of measurements is performed without ICC, as

base name: 2009_08_29_k_'from'_'to'_'extension', where extension is set accordingly the following measurements identification
  • noise, set a
  • set a: No ICC, half amplitude for modes from 0 to 335, ext='a_half-amp_noICC, or ext='a_noICC' (depending f
  • set b: No ICC, half amplitude for modes from 0 to 335
  • noise, set b
  • print, update_ovs(0.005)
  • set c: ICC, half amplitude for modes from 0 to 335
  • set d: ICC, half amplitude for modes from 0 to 335

-- RunaBriguglio - 2009-08-29
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