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Default system startup and more:
  • Launch "D" (dafult init script) on 4Sight GUI
  • Launch InterferometerCtrl in a shell
  • Setup the WAVE GENERATOR for triggering 5.38 Hz
  • Setup the "Camera Setting" in 4Sight GUI selecting TTL0 as "External Triggering"
  • Close and Start again 4Sight SW
  • call "mount 4d" from a shell
  • call "mount Zcopy" from a shell

Command set final release for chopping test procedure:

Modify the "~/idl/adsec672a/conf/recos.txt" disturb len parameter to 4944. (AND REMIND TO SET BACK TO 4000 for the other mesurements)

NB: you can modify this paramenter only stop and start IDL and reload the DSP program

  • kill IDLCTRL (and verify with ps -eaf | grep idl)
  • open a shell
  • cd, "~/idl/adsec672a"
  • aoidl
  • @startup_left
  • print, fsm_set_flat(MS_CONF_FILE='mirror_set_conf_offload_70um.txt') ; Set the shell with correct conf file
  • print, hexmoveto([-527.724, 2136.16, -112.657, 160.35, -44.6549, 0.]); align the hexapod
  • print, idl_4d_init() ; init 4d communication throught MsgD -RTDB
  • print, get_m4d('dummy', img, mask) ; get a sample image
  • fit = pupilfit(mask, guess=[500,500,450, 0.01], /circle, /disp) ;fit the pupil (in this date fit=[510.198, 497.825 , 467.280, 0.111418])
  • print, hextrack(/APPLY, PUPIL=fit) ; align the hexapod (more iteration can be done)
  • print, test_chopping_position(0, /DELTA) ; set the preshaper and accumulator settings and the sage skip settings
  • print, fsm_load_shape('/usr/local/adopt/calib/left/adsec/CMD/shape/2009_08_12_chop_shape_-25um.sav')
  • print, hexmoveby([0,0,0,15,0,0])
  • print, hextrack(/APPLY, PUPIL=fit)
  • print, test_continuos_chop(HIST=hist, /force)
  • print, wfs_switch_step(fltarr(rtr.n_slope), /ENA_DIST)
  • print, continuos_chop_get('_x_XXXHz.sav') ;for saving data just after 4d acquisition end.

DATA saved:



meas_path('flat')+' fast_step_chop__a_5.38Hz.sav'

meas_path('flat')+' fast_step_chop__b_5.38Hz.sav'

NB: if you want move the mirror applying a TILT (ex for chopping) use the
  • print, test_chopping_position(delta, /DELTA)

where delta is in [m]. for the chopping were used -25e-6 and 25e-6
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